Arianne, smiling and wearing a white shirt with fall foliage behind her.
Arianne, smiling and wearing a white shirt with fall foliage behind her.

A Foot in the Door

Arianne  Browning

Class of 2023 • Frederick, Maryland
Prior to attending Washington College, Arianne Browning knew exactly what she wanted to study. With a passion for environmental science, Arianne was enticed not only by WC’s environmental science programming, but by the campus community and plethora of hands-on experiences she could be a part of.


Arianne knew she wanted to study at a small school, and her experiences here at Washington College have only reaffirmed that. Through the encouragement of professors and peers alike, Arianne has gained a wide variety of experience through the numerous clubs, organizations, and groups she’s involved in.

 “I wanted to go somewhere where I could be in so many organizations and it wouldn’t be unnatural, a place where different departments and students had their hands in many pots – I wanted to go to a liberal arts school right away,” she said.

On campus, Arianne has her foot in every door on campus ­– from working on theatrical productions to her membership in a multitude of prestigious organizations on campus, Arianne embodies the liberal arts experience.

 Her involvement in different departments runs far deeper than her extracurriculars. As an environmental science major with minors in both anthropology and biology, Arianne has been making connections every step of the way. A long-time volunteer exhibit guide at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Arianne’s love for environmental science – particularly marine science – has led to her pursuing multiple projects here at WC; combining environmental science with her anthropology minor, Arianne is currently working on a project investigating the fish-related artifacts excavated at the 2021 WC Archaeological Field School. With plans to present a paper on her findings at the Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference in Spring 2022 under a Cater Society grant, Arianne is making the best of the connections she’s made here. 

 “I’ve made a lot of connections with professors and with friends, all who I believe are going to do great things. This is the best networking opportunity ever. I’ve worked on a bunch of theatre productions, participated in a bunch of clubs, and worked on the Student Government all at the same time! That’s an experience you can’t get everywhere else.”