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    Graphic Novel about life of Douglass

    Andrea C. Proimos '23 traveled and created a graphic novel in the steps of Frederick Douglass.  Read The Star Democrat's piece on her here!

    Wondering what you can do with a degree in English or a minor in Creative Writing or Journalism, Editing & Publishing? According to the experts and our graduates, the answer is: Anything and Everything!

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    Preparation for your future career can begin the moment you arrive on campus and begin your studies with us. As the department's coordinator for internships, Professor Elizabeth O'Connor will work with you in developing your career interests and opportunities long before you graduate. You can also use the extensive resources provided by the Center for Career Development.

    The world needs more English majors! Check out this recent report in the Washington Post, "The world's top economists just made the case for why we still need English majors." 

    Check out Hannah Wampler '19 Studying Abroad!


    Interview Writeup by Sheri Swayne '26:

    High education is tasked with strengthening the intersectionality of education, passion, and courage in each of its students. At Washington College, 2019 alumn Hannah Wampler, who majored in English and minored in Creative Writing and Medieval and Early Modern Studies, embodies this combination of education and passion. She has departmental honors in English and was inducted into both Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Tau Delta. The skills she learned from her time at Washington enabled her to pursue her passion for Korean studies and language.

    Wampler exhibited her knowledge by entering the South Korean game show Quiz on Korea, created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. Questions regarding Korean history, geography, food, drama, and music are asked of the contestants. Quiz on Korea was designed to include other countries in spreading and celebrating South Korean culture as well as test their knowledge of its roots. Wampler explained that speaking and interpreting the language while competing was difficult for her as she was required to speak Korean the entire weekend of the competition.

    Despite this challenge, she found that her confidence in her speaking skills improved in as the competition progressed. Wampler states, “Even if I am not confident in something, if I’m given the opportunity to challenge myself, I need to take that opportunity. When I won the U.S. round, everyone was telling me ‘Oh, you’re going to Korea now and you’re going to compete in the final round all in Korea!’ I was like ‘Are you crazy? I can’t do that!’ But I thought that if I didn’t do it, I would regret it.”
    Wampler additionally remarked upon the friends that she made among the contestants, one of whom was Neja, a contestant from India who teaches Korean. Wampler explained that Neja was “comfortable and calm” amongst the energy of the show and encouraged her when she was having trouble. These connections Wampler made allowed her time on Quiz on Korea to be an enjoyable one. The same can be said about her time at Washington College, where the connections she made were pivotal in her academic and professional life post-graduation.

    She spoke highly of the professors she had and her time as a writing center peer tutor wherein she was able to connect with diverse writing styles and people. She states, “I was a writing tutor my sophomore year and those skills helped me with interpersonal skills and working with people, especially concerning multilingual writers. . .I always enjoy getting to know people from different places. That sentiment has stayed with me up until now.”

    Wampler was able to apply this idea when she studied abroad in South Korea at Yonsei University. She explained how the courses she took were fairly easy and had a considerable amount of free time. When giving advice on studying abroad in South Korea, she encouraged those exploring Korea to see the countless attractions and to regularly socialize with friends. Furthermore, Wampler expressed interest in K-pop, numerous Korean foods such as Tteokbokki and Gimbap, and K-Dramas, which Wampler plans to write about in her Master’s thesis.

     From her study abroad experience, Wampler referenced her passion for connection with diverse people and the literary world. After leaving Washington, she was unsure about the job market post-graduation but successfully secured a position at the Johns Hopkins Press (JHUP), where she worked from 2019-2022 and was responsible for copyrighting all JHUP books, printing journals, and other assigned administrative duties.

    Wampler claimed she found pride in her Hopkins Press position, her acceptance into grad school in Fall 2022, and her progress on Quiz on Korea. Her academics, passions, and experiences speak to the imperative of higher education: the intersectionality of education, passion, and courage. Wampler embodies this sentiment well, not only with her accomplishments post-graduation but with her ability to apply what she learned from Washington to her personal life and to challenge herself despite the obstacles she faced.


    Career Paths for English Majors

    • Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
    • CEO, Rice Consulting
    • Emergency Management Consultant, Create! Technical Communications Service
    • Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Navy
    • Publicist, February Media
    • Senior Consultant, Cedar Crest Stone, Inc.
    • Senior Marketing Project Manager, T. Rowe Price
    • Digital Communications Director, DCCC
    • Director, Premium Content, PureLinq
    • Graphic Designer, Daniels Printing
    • Information Specialist, Aerodyne Research, Inc.
    • Information Technology, Board of Education, Summit, NJ
    • Senior GIA Analyst, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    • Senior Technical Writer-Software, IDAX, Inc.
    • Web Designer, Freddie Mac
    • Assistant Editor, Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group
    • Assistant Editor, UVA Magazine
    • Associate Editor, National Geographic
    • Chief Editor, Peter D. Hart Research Associates
    • Copy Editor and Page Designer, Chesapeake Publishing & Printing
    • Editorial Director, American Soiciety for Engineering Education
    • National Accounts Manager, New Harbinger Publications
    • Proofreader, Barton Cotton Holdings, LLC
    • Senior Marketing Associate, Cambridge University Press
    • Senior Technical Editor, Northrup Grumman
    • Alternative Educator, Worcester County
    • Assistant Director, Eastern Shore Food Lab
    • Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach, Vassar College
    • Coach and Teacher, Williamsport High School
    • Collections Manager, Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
    • English Teacher, Queen Anne’s County
    • English Teacher, William Penn High School
    • Head Teacher, Friendship Montessori
    • Professor, Appalachian State University
    • Professor, Penn State University
    • Professor, Savannah Technical College
    • Professor, Stevenson University
    • President, University of Montevallo
    • Professor, University of Virginia
    • Reading Teacher, Stephen Decatur
    • Secondary Teacher, Somerset County
    • Senior Director of Development, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
    • Special Education, Kent County Public Schools
    • Teacher, Baltimore County
    • Teacher, Howard County
    • Teacher, Talbot County
    • Teacher Specialist, Harford County
    • Columbia University (Columbia Publishing Course)
    • Northwestern University (MA Journalism)
    • Rutgers University-Newark (MFA)
    • University of Alabama (MFA)
    • University of Arizona (PhD Rhetoric and Composition)
    • University of Florida (MFA)
    • University of St. Andrews, Scotland (MA English)
    • University of Vermont (Law)
    • University of Virginia (Law; MA English)
    • Culture Writer, Mashable (NYC)
    • Editor, Axios Charlotte (NC)
    • Editor, Live Journalism, Wall Street Journal
    • Reporter, Rapid City (SD) Journal
    • Reporter, Delmarva Media Group
    • Reporter, Delaware Business Times
    • Author, Putnam Publishing Company
    • Author, Schiffer Publishing
    • Freelance Writer
    • Novelist and Associate Director of the Literary House, Washington College
    • Novelist and Professor, University of Houston
    • Technical Writer, Route Smart Technologies
    • Attorney, Diamond, Piano, Cardo, King, and Peters
    • Attorney, Kenton County Circuit Court
    • Clerk, Baltimore County State’s Attorney
    • Clerk, Rasin & Wootton, LLC
    • Maryland District Court Judge
    • Trial Attorney, U.S. Department of Justice
    • Accountant, SallieMae, Inc.
    • Certified Public Accountant
    • Director of Finance and Operations, National Alliance on Mental Illness
    • General Manager, Bob Pascal’s Harbour Inn Marina & Spa
    • President, Weber Shandwick Worldwide
    • Senior Manager, Amazon
    • Supervisor, John Hancock Insurance Company
    • Vice President, JP Chevrolet
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