Senior Capstone Experience

Biology majors fulfill the requirement for the Senior Capstone Experience in one of two ways—by completing an independent laboratory or field research project, or by writing an in-depth scientific monograph. Both options are under the direction of a faculty member.

Students begin thinking about their SCE well before the senior year. Faculty in the department assist students in developing themes for projects during a Biology Junior Seminar, and students are encouraged to review their ideas with faculty members.

As part of a credit-bearing SCE course, seniors are guided through the SCE process by a faculty advisor. The process typically involves discussion of primary and secondary scientific literature in the area of biology chosen by the individual student. At the conclusion of the course, the student shares their work as a written report. Additionally, the student presents their findings at a poster session open to the college community.

Recent SCE Topics

Bryanna Rupprecht ('20) Problem-Based Learning in Science Education: A Case Study Approach to the One Environmental Health Hypothesis.

Adrienne Chase ('20) The Devastating Effects of Chemotherapeutic Treatment on Fertility of Cancer Patients.

Sabrina Jenkins ('19) Stenting as a Treatment for Coarctation of the Aorta in Pediatric Patients.

Larisa Prezioso ('19) Toxicological Consequences of Plastics on Marine Ecosystems and an Exploration of Biodegradable Alternatives.

Kevin Day ('18) Emaciation Protocol and Refeeding in Exotic Veterinary Medicine.

Adam Lanphear ('18) Macrophages and Their Subsets in Mammalian Lung Tissue.

Mingyi Zhu ('18) Fun30’s function in DNA damage repair.


Nina Black ('20) The Effect of Heavy Metal Pollution on Quality of Bird Song

Alexandria Hegeman ('20) The Significance of NUP170 in Delayed Cellular Senescence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Kaitlyn Marino ('19) Neuronal and Behavioral Outcomes Following Hypoxia Induced Ischemia in Danio rerio Pretreated with Ibuprofen.

Amanda Gabriel ('19) The Effects of Nicotine and Cinnamaldehyde Vapor on Drosophila melanogaster Brain Hemisphere Area.

Amanda Ault ('18) The Effect of Atrazine on the Larval Development of Crassostrea virginica, the Eastern Oyster.

Nathan Simmons ('18) Species Diversity of Wood Boring Beetles.