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Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that aims to help students make connections across different scholarly approaches to the region.

Students are encouraged to explore the diverse region through the study of culture, language, literature, history, music, and politics. Students minoring in Latin American Studies will develop knowledge about the multicultural nature of the region and its interactions with the global community, both past and present.

Students will achieve the goals of the minor by taking a set of courses on Latin America in at least three different departments across two divisions. Since language is essential to understanding any culture, a degree of proficiency is required in one of the region’s languages. Finally, minors will submit a final project on the region.

Dr. Christine Wade, Professor of Political Science and International Studies, is the Latin American Studies (LAS) Director.

The College offers relevant Study Abroad Programs in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru.




Two semesters of Spanish beyond HPS 201 (up to 302). Native speakers should contact the program director about language requirements for the minor.

Five (5) courses distributed across at least three departments in the Humanities and Fine Arts and Social Science divisions.*

  • ANT 235 Cultures of Latin America
  • ANT/MUS 329 Cuban Music and Culture

  • HIS 371 Colonial Latin America

  • HIS 473 Latin American Literature as History

  • HPS 303 Intro to Latin American Literature

  • HPS 305 Intro to Latin American and Spanish Lit

  • MUS 313 Music of Latin America

  • POL 348 Latin American Politics

  • POL 382 US-Latin American Relations 

  • Any special topics class at the 300-400 level with a Latin American focus

*Students may count up to two relevant courses taken at our study abroad partners towards the minor.

Minors are also required to submit to the LAS Director either a Senior Capstone Experience from their major or a topic related to Latin American Stories, or a portfolio of three research papers, written for Latin American Studies courses, showcasing their development in Latin American Studies. This requirement is non-credit bearing.