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About the Minor

About the Minor

The Information Systems minor is the interdisciplinary study of the ways in which computer technology can foster organizational excellence.

Drawing from both Business Management and Computer Science, the Information Systems Minor builds on the foundations of an education in the liberal arts by stressing strong analytical skills, the facility to find imaginative solutions to difficult problems, and the application of ethical principles.

Students who complete the Information Systems Minor will understand and be able to write and orally communicate about technology to a body of professionals and non-professionals alike. The minor is especially suited to students majoring in Business Management who would like to acquire an in-depth understanding of technology, and to students majoring in Computer Science who wish to acquire business skills essential to a productive career. The minor is open to students from all majors offered at Washington College.


Students taking BUS 315 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems visited the market leader's Americas headquarters for an executive briefing and campus tour.


A minimum of eight courses (32 credits) are needed for the minor. Of these, the following seven are required:

  • BUS 201 - Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • BUS 302 - Organizational Behavior
  • BUS 304 - Management Information Systems
  • MAT 201 - Differential Calculus
  • CSI 201 - Computer Science I
  • CSI 202 - Computer Science II
  • CSI 360 - Database Systems

The eighth course, an elective, may be chosen from the following:

  • BUS 202 - Marketing
  • BUS 212 - Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  • BUS 215 - Quantitative Methods I
  • BUS 216 - Quantitative Methods II
  • BUS 301 - Financial Analysis
  • BUS 303 - Legal Environment of Business
  • BUS 305 - Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  • CSI 100 - Basics of Computing
  • CSI 250 - Introduction to Computer Organization and Architecture
  • CSI 470 - Computer Networks
  • CSI 480 - Software Engineering

Additionally, special topics courses in Business Management or Computer Science or in other areas deemed suitable and approved by one of the Information Systems program co-directors may be taken as the elective. Students majoring in Computer Science are urged to take the elective from the courses offered in Business Management; students majoring in Business Management are similarly encouraged to take the elective from the courses offered in Computer Science.

Students may not count the courses for a minor in Information Systems again for a minor in Computer Science or Business Management. Students who wish to double-major in Computer Science and Business Management will be required to take an additional elective.