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All students at Washington College have the opportunity to pick up any of the following minors run through the Environmental Science and Studies Department/CES; Chesapeake Regional Studies, Earth and Planetary Science, or Secondary Education Studies


The Chesapeake Regional Studies program, an interdisciplinary concentration which can include courses in natural science, social science, and humanities, was developed to enable students to take advantage of our connection to the bay. 



The study of earth and planetary science introduces the origin and evolution of the Earth and other planets in the solar system. The curriculum focuses on the interaction between large Earth systems, such as the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. A wide range of topics are discussed, from  weather and climate to the Earth’s internal composition and dynamics.



While earning your Environmental Science or Studies degree you can minor in Secondary Education Studies.  Environmental Science majors who participate in the teacher certification internship can be certified to teach Environmental Science, Biology, or Chemistry for grades 7-12.  Contact Erin Counihan or the chair of the Environmental Science and Studies Department for more information. Washington College is the only college in Maryland at which you can earn Environmental Science teacher certification!