Jill Bible

Jill Bible

Jill Bible


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  • Cromwell 209

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Assistant Professor of Environmental Science & Studies
B.S., Stanford University
M.S., Stanford University
Ph.D., University of California, Davis

I strive to understand how humans are affecting the ecosystems on which we depend and apply that knowledge to conservation and restoration. I am particularly interested in the effects of climate change and invasive species on nearshore marine ecosystems such as estuaries and rocky intertidal zones. Much of my work has focused on restoration of native oysters. 


ENV 101: Introduction to Environmental Studies

ENV 141: Atmosphere, Ocean, and Environment

ENV 242: Applied Ecology

ENV 294: Environmental Communication

ENV 394: Marine Conservation

ENV 394: Restoration Ecology 

Professional Experience

Before coming to Washington College, I taught Environmental Science and Biology courses at Stanford and UC Davis. I also spent years as a curriculum developer at the California Academy of Sciences, where I worked with K-12 teachers on science and sustainability lessons.