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GT Svanikier '17

Economics Major, Political Science Minor Analyst at Goldman Sachs

GT Svanikier ’17

“When I arrived at Washington college, like many students, I was unsure what I ultimately wanted to study for my major. I had taken economics during my schooling in the UK, but was still unsure. Taking economics at WC, it soon became clear that the positive reviews I had heard about the department were true; the professors loved their subject and relished the opportunity to teach it and share their knowledge and experience with us”
“We learned with the goal to understand concepts and challenge our ways of thinking, not just memorize to pass an exam at the end of the year. This positive style allowed me to better grasp concepts I had been introduced to in the past.

Having an understanding of concepts such as, how an economy works, how the US government funds itself, and what causes inflation and why it matters, has not only been important for passing my exams but has also helped me in my career and in real world situations.”