Business Management Etiquette Dinner


On November 2nd, 2023 we hosted our first etiquette dinner for Business Management Juniors and other esteemed guests


Business and dining etiquette can be critical in both the job search process and working with clients in the business world. The event was designed to teach Business students some of the finer points of good business and table manners. Mastering these skills will help the students make positive impressions when interviewing or attending business meetings. The etiquette dinner was designed to enhance our student's communication skills and give them a refresher on proper dining etiquette. This year our guest speaker was James Downing form Bolton Partners, who serves as Bolton’s Chief Executive Officer and has direct responsibility for the management and strategic direction of Bolton with over 25 years’ experience. He gave our students an overview of proper business etiquette and coached them on appropriate table manners.

The Business Etiquette dinner will be an annual event organized by the Department of Business Management.

We strongly believe this formal training gave students the opportunity to feel more confident in professional social situations.