International Business Academic Requirements

Academic Requirements

4 Core Courses

  • ECN 111. Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • BUS 111. Principles of Marketing
  • BUS 112. Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • BUS 310. International Business (offered in the fall semester)

3 Elective Courses

Choose from the following. At least one elective must be a BUS course.

  • BUS 311. Global Business Strategy
  • BUS 330. International Business Experience
  • BUS 356. Multinational Financial Management
  • BUS 294. Special Topic in International Business (will vary by semester)
  • BUS 394. Special Topic in International Business (will vary by semester)
  • BUS 497. Independent Study in International Business (with permission of the Director of the minor).
  • ECN 410. International Trade
  • ECN 411. International Finance
  • PHL 226. Global Ethics
  • POL 375. International Political Economy

With the prior permission of the Director of the International Business minor or the Chair of the Department of Business Management, relevant special topic courses from other Washington College departments or taken at study-abroad partners may also be counted for the minor. See the catalog entry for the Business Management major for more information regarding study-abroad partners offering business-related courses.

BUS 330. International Business Experience

This summer course, taught by Business Management faculty, takes students abroad for approximately two weeks of concentrated study and experiential learning in international business after meeting regularly during the prior spring semester. Students visit two businesses each weekday for facilities tours and/or presentations by managers on their firms’ international strategy. Cultural activities are scheduled in the evenings and on weekends. On-campus sessions prior to travel ensure that students get the most out of their experience abroad and enhance the academic component of the course.

The itinerary for this course varies from year to year. In the past, students have visited Europe (England, Ireland, Brussels, Holland, Spain, Portugal, and France) as well as China and India.