Academic Requirements

BUS 220 Creativity and Innovation for Products and Services is a gateway course for students considering the minor that allows them to determine if this is the path they would like to take before enrolling in required business management courses. By examining case studies of successful and unsuccessful corporate ventures, students will build connections between their ideas for new products or services and the knowledge and skills necessary to develop these ideas into marketable offerings that could sustain a new business or expand an existing business. The required business management courses ensure that students learn the basics of accounting and marketing before taking BUS 320 Entrepreneurship, ensuring that they acquire the foundational tools critical to the successful launch and maintenance of a business or nonprofit organization. Elective courses offer additional depth in areas of particular interest to the student.

Five Required Courses

BUS 220 Creativity and Innovation for Products and Services

ECN 111 Principles of Microeconomics

BUS 111 Principles of Marketing

BUS 112 Introduction to Financial Accounting

BUS 320 Entrepreneurship

Two Electives

BUS 212 Managerial Accounting

BUS 234 Introduction to Nonprofit Management

BUS 302 Organizational Behavior

BUS 303 Legal Environment of Business

BUS 323 Consumer Behavior

BUS 334 Leadership

BUS 351 Advertising

BUS 360 Corporate Social Responsibility

BUS 401 Strategic Management

With the prior permission of the Director of the Entrepreneurship minor or the Chair of the Department of Business Management, relevant special topic courses from other Washington College departments or courses taken at study-abroad partners may also be counted for the minor. See the catalog entry for the Business Management major for more information regarding study-abroad partners offering business-related courses.

Business Management majors may not double-count courses required for the major as electives for the Entrepreneurship Minor.

Students who are also majoring in Business Management and planning to write a Business Plan Capstone are encouraged to select Managerial Accounting as one of their electives.

Students whose primary focus is in the arts are encouraged to consider the Arts Management and Entrepreneurship Minor, which focuses on literacy in the arts, arts industries and organizations, and experiential learning/fieldwork, rather than the Entrepreneurship Minor.