Educational Resources Market

    "Archaeology gives a sense of place. It grounds us within the landscape and every place is unique." - Stephen Dean, 2013

    Fostering awareness and concern for the preservation of Maryland's archaeological resources, the Council for Maryland Archaeology embraces public outreach and education through a variety of programs and initiatives. In addition to supporting Maryland Archaeology Month, CfMA provides educational events, exhibits, programs. CfMA's new Educational Resources Market widens the reach of educational programs offered by professional archaeologists across the state of Maryland.

    In the Market, one can browse programs or guest lecturers by geographic location, research focus, and availability.

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      Search for an archaeologist living and working nearby or across the state. 

      Search for an archaeologist to provide educational programming on a specific time period [e.g., 18th Century], region [e.g., Piedmont, Western Maryland], research topic [e.g., zooarchaeology, post-Contact trade], or group [e.g., Powhatan, Dutch].

      If you are looking for a program on a specific date, check the calendar to see who has availability.

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