Jelisaveta, smiling and wearing a coat and hat in the snow.
Jelisaveta, smiling and wearing a coat and hat in the snow.

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Jelisaveta  Janicijevic

Class of 2022 • White Plains, New York
When fourth-year student Jelisaveta Janicijevic left for her study abroad trip to Finland in December 2019, she didn’t expect to not return until July the following year. After being stuck in Finland due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she returned to Washington College with a new mindset and goals for her education.


A human development and behavioral neuroscience psychology double major, Jelisaveta traveled to Oulu, Finland for a study abroad experience during her sophomore year, where she was able to immerse herself in a different culture while presenting her work at conferences and continuing her studies.  With an interest in teaching, Jelisaveta became more interested in further studying international education and how to make education more accessible to students and their families across the world.

 “When I was in Finland a lot of people told me I changed and grew up. I think that’s true, I had to at that point. I had very unique experiences with research and presenting at conferences there that later on when I came back, I knew I wanted to research and not go and teach in a school. It definitely brought a different purpose to my education and what I want to do later on in my life.”

 With support from her professors and advisor, Jelisaveta shifted focus and continued to work on her SCE projects, which are centered around international education systems and the role of teachers on the neurodevelopment of children.

 Going forward, Jelisaveta will be presenting at the Eastern Psychological Association’s Conference in March and attend graduate school for her Master’s degree in International Education ­– planning on later obtaining her PhD in the same field. She encourages incoming students to “read every email and take every opportunity that comes your way. Do not be afraid to spread your wings far and wide, because the best memories will come from doing so. This will enable you to have the most memorable four years of your life, and trust me it passes by you in a blink of an eye so do not waste your time.”

Jelisaveta Janicijevic's Four Year Plan

Year 1

Favorite Class Principles of Education

"My favorite class my freshman year would hands down have to be Dr. Clarke de Reza’s Principles of Education class. It really reiterated for me why I should continue down the Human Development route, and honed in on my passion for education. Not to mention Dr. CD has had a tremendous impact on me and my time here at Washington College, and I would not be who I am now without her knowledge and guidance."

Year 2

Learn by DoingStudy Abroad 

"During the spring of my sophomore year I studied abroad in Oulu, Finland. Despite COVID coming to existence during this time I was still able to experience all that Finland has to offer, and I was just super excited to be studying in a country with the world’s best education system, and happiest people."

Year 3

Looking Forward toPresentations & AOII

"I was able to present about the “pandemics current and long-term effects on education” at a student led conference virtually held by the University of Oulu, Finland. I became President of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority and loved every moment being able to represent a group full of strong, determined, and resilient individuals."

Year 4

Looking Forward toSCE and Beyond

"I oversaw the student led conference at the University of Oulu. I will be presenting at the Eastern Psychological Association’s conference in March alongside two of my peers. And I am writing my SCE on the 'Implementation of the Finnish Education System in Serbia: 17 years in the making' and 'The Neurodevelopment of Children and the Role of Teachers'.  After graduation I will be obtaining my master’s degree in International Education with hopes of later earning a PhD in Education."