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WC in the News

The media turns to our faculty experts to enhance coverage of a wide range of topics, from international security and economic policy to American history and politics. 


  • 08/30/16 BroadwayWorld.com

    BroadwayWorld.com reviews Peninsula Players’ performance of “Alabama Story,” directed by Brendon Fox, assistant professor of theatre, in the Midwest premiere of the play, which poignantly examines issue of politics and prejudice in the context of the right to read.

  • 08/29/16 MarketWatch

    President Sheila Bair comments at length about her reasoning behind the concept of the Saver’s Scholarship, Washington College’s newest affordability initiative.

  • 08/29/16 The Washington Post
    College President Sheila Bair describes the new Saver’s Scholarship program, which will benefit families of students who have used a 529 or Education Savings Account to pay for tuition. 
  • 08/27/16 The Washington Post
    Political science professor Melissa Deckman is quoted in a story about how Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s time in office is helping the Republican party leap forward in fundraising in the state.
  • 08/21/16 The Daily Journal, and DJournal.com

    Robert Lynch, professor of economics, is quoted in an op-ed about a report he authored in 2015 as a visiting fellow at The Washington Center for Equitable Growth. The report analyzed how gaps in educational outcomes between poorer and wealthier students affected the economy as a whole, and how closing those gaps would lead to greater economic growth.

  • 08/23/16 American Theatre

    Michele Volansky, chair of the Department of Theatre & Dance, writes on the nature of democracy as a live, theatrical event, after a season of traveling with this election cycle’s presidential candidates.

  • 08/19/16 YahooFinance

    Adam Goodheart, director of the C.V. Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience, and WC students are featured in a story about the ongoing StoryQuest World War II Home Front project and its support from Iron Mountain, a global leader in archiving of historic materials. This story was picked up nationally and appeared in hundreds of new outlets, including YahooFinance and Street Insider.

  • 08/11/16 Politico

    College President Sheila Bair is interviewed by Politico’s higher education team on topics including Dam the Debt, George’s Brigade, college affordability and whether colleges and universities should start sharing some of the risk on student loans.

  • 08/05/16 Epoch Times
    Political science professor Melissa Deckman discusses how Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s comments about sexual harassment toward women show a lack of empathy, and that to win the election, he must do better with women voters.
  • 08/04/16 The Atlantic

    College President Sheila Bair’ is quoted about the problems with the Democrat’s plan for free college education, saying she’s concerned that it will make colleges like Washington College more elitist and less diverse.


  • 7/29/16 The Chronicle of Higher Education

    College President Sheila Bair is interviewed by The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Ruth Hammond for the Chronicle’s video series “On Leadership” about student loan debt, the parallels to the subprime mortgage crisis, and Washington College’s own efforts to lower college costs and make college more affordable.

  • 07/11/16 CNBC’s Closing Bell

    President Sheila Bair discusses the potential effects on U.S. banks of the UK’s Brexit vote to leave the European Union.

  • 07/07/16 Maryland Public Television

    Michele Volansky, chair and associate professor of the Department of Theatre & Dance, is co-host of MPT’s “Artworks,” in which she discusses contemporary experimental theater in a shop window, and fusing science and art at FSU with physicist Brian Greene’s multimedia presentation of Einstein’s theory of relativity, among other topics.

  • 07/01/16 PBS News Hour “The Rundown”

    John Conkling, professor of chemistry emeritus and former executive director and technical director of the American Pyrotechnics Association, reveals the chemistry behind fireworks with a series of demonstrations in one of Washington College’s labs.

  • 05/26/16 CNBC’s Closing Bell

    College President Sheila Bair is interviewed about Dam the Debt as a donor-funded, back-end scholarship program, Washington College’s tuition freeze, and working to make college more affordable.

  • 04/29/16: RT “Boom Bust”

    College President Sheila Bair discusses Dam the Debt and other initiatives to lower student debt.

  • Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Journal, 4/21/16

    College President Sheila Bair talks about Dam the Debt, the tuition freeze, and how other schools are also examining innovative ways to lower student debt.

  • Yahoo Finance-The Final Round, 4/20/16
    College President Sheila Bair talks about banks, the College’s new Dam the Debt program, and the pitfalls of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ proposal that college be cost-free.
  • Bloomberg News, 4/19/16

    College President Sheila Bair speaks with David Westin about the importance of the Federal Reserve’s living wills for banks and the effectiveness of Wall Street regulations. 

  • “At the Table With Bloomberg Politics,” 04/13/16
    College President Sheila Bair participates in a panel discussion about the 2016 presidential elelction and long-term fiscal challenges facing the United States.


  • 08/16/16 The Diane Rehm Show, National Public Radio
    College President Sheila Bair joins higher education policy analysts and reporters to discuss student loan debt and higher education. She comments on how the student loan system could be improved, what Washington College is doing to make college more affordable and accessible, and her take on Hillary Clinton’s free college plan as well as Donald Trump’s concept of making it more difficult for students seeking degrees in the liberal arts to get loans.
  • 08/02/16 Midday with Sheilah Kast on WYPR
    Political science professor Melissa Deckman is interviewed at length about her new book Tea Party Women and how women are shaping politics in this election cycle. 
  • 07/15/16 The Baltimore Sun’s Roughly Speaking 

    History professor and presidential historian Richard Striner is interviewed by Dan Rodricks about the 2016 presidential election, saying it could be a catastrophic year for the GOP or a progressive breakthrough. He also says the GOP has become a “corrosive” force in American politics that needs to re-evaluate its purpose and policies. 

  • 07/04/16, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered

    John Conkling, professor of chemistry emeritus and former executive director and technical director of the American Pyrotechnics Association, is interviewed by National Public Radio’s Ari Shapiro about how the sounds of fireworks are designed.


  • 06/20/16 WNYC “The Takeaway”

    College President Sheila Bair is interviewed about the growing issue of bank overdraft fees and how just 8 percent of consumers pay 75 percent of such fees—often students and people who are the least able to pay for them.

  • 06/13/16 WYPR’s Maryland Morning

    English and creative writing professor Bob Mooney discusses Bloomsday, Chestertown’s celebration of Irish writer James Joyce’s novel Ulysses.

  • 06/09/16 National Public Radio
    Political science professor Melissa Deckman discusses how Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton can win the votes of white, female voters by continuing to make the case that Republican nominee Donald Trump is a weak, unpresidential candidate.
  • 05/25/16 Wisconsin Public Radio
    Political science professor Melissa Deckman is interviewed about her new book Tea Party Women.
  • 05/18/16 BBC Radio, “Good Morning Scotland”

    Political science professor Melissa Deckman is interviewed length about Donald Trump’s attitude toward women, as well as the role of women in the presidential race, both Hillary Clinton as the Democratic frontrunner and women voters themselves. Deckman’s interview begins at 2:28:20 and ends at 2:43:10.

  • 05/09/16 The Baltimore Sun’s Dan Rodricks’ “Roughly Speaking”

    Political science professor Melissa Deckman discusses the women who support Donald Trump and talks about new book Tea Party Women.