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The media turns to our faculty experts to enhance coverage of a wide range of topics, from international security and economic policy to American history and politics. 


  • 05/20/17 The Baltimore Sun

    English Department Chair Kate Moncrief and Rose O’ Neill Literary House Director James Allen Hall are quoted in this Baltimore Sun story about the Sophie Kerr Prize and legacy, and the 2017 winner, Catalina Righter.

  • 05/24/17: WUSA Channel 9

    Bill Schindler, chair of the Department of Anthropology, and some of his students are featured in this WUSA story about how and why he teaches primitive technologies and their relationships to food, in our past and in our present.

  • 05/18/17 The Baltimore Sun

    Grant Samms, the ShorePower project coordinator for the Center for Environment & Society, writes a column for the Annapolis Capital-Gazette and Baltimore Sun about how Maryland’s model of addressing climate change is both environmentally sound as well as fiscally conservative.

  • 05/06/17 The Capital Gazette

    Melissa Deckman, political science professor and author of Tea Party Women, in this Capital Gazette story by Dan Rodricks discusses why Rep. Andy Harris, R-Md., will likely win another term to the U.S. House, largely because the Democratic Party isn’t willing to take on the heavily Republican numbers that dominate the state’s first district.

  • 05/03/17 The New York Times

    Andrew Oros, author of the recently published Japan’s Security Renaissance and professor of political science international studies who specializes in Asian studies, is quoted in this New York Times story about President Donald Trump’s shift toward China as it relates to the disputes over that country’s controversial territorial claims in the South China Sea.

  • 04/19/17 The Baltimore Jewish Times

    The Baltimore Jewish Times talks to five politically active young women about how they are focusing their efforts after last year’s polarizing presidential election. Melissa Deckman, chair of the Department of Political Science, says that this sort of political activism bodes well for the country, although she worries that the election’s fallout and clashes over sex and gender may discourage women from running for public office.

  • 04/06/17 The Washington Post

    Political Science Professor Melissa Deckman weighs in on the early state of the race for governor in Maryland in this Washington Post story about Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker III, who is positioning himself to run in what could be a crowded Democratic primary.

  • 03/29/17 MarketWatch
    Washington College’s new scholarship program George’s Brigade is featured in this story in MarketWatch. 
  • 03/18/17 Johnson City Press
    Matt Palmer, a lecturer in guitar, is featured in this story in the Johnson City Press about how he became a virtuoso classical guitar player known worldwide for his technique. He was in Johnson City, Tenn., performing a concert, when the story appeared.
  • 03/14/17 The Atlantic
    Bill Schindler, chair of the Department of Anthropology, and the students in his primitive technology class, are featured in this story in The Atlantic about his belief in the importance of educating today’s students about the challenges facing our ancestors and the technologies they used to manage them.



  • 05/25/17 WUSA Channel 9

    Anthropology Professor Bill Schindler and his students show WUSA-Channel 9 reporter Bruce Leshan why it’s important to understand how primitive technologies can help us tackle the challenges of being human today, especially when it comes to food. In this feature story, Schindler and students take Leshan foraging, show him how to make a stone tool, and start a fire using a bow drill.

  • 03/22/17: The Atlantic Live
    The Atlantic talks with President Sheila Bair and other educational leaders on college affordability, accessibility, and the future of postsecondary education policy.
  • 03/13/17 WMAR ABC News Baltimore
    The War on the Shore, the lacrosse rivalry between Washington College and Salisbury University, is featured in this story.
  • 02/28/17 Countdown to the Closing Bell
    President Bair on the front line with Fox Business Liz Claman on creating debt relief programs for students.
  • 02/17/17 Fox Business News Wall Street Week

    College President Sheila Bair speaks on Fox Business Network Wall Street Week about the issue of student loan debt, advocating that we scrap the concept of debt forgiveness and change the student loans to income share agreements and an equity-based model. She also discusses how Washington College is researching a philanthropy-based pilot program for income share agreements.

  • 02/11/17 WBAL-TV 11 News Weekend Today

    Bill Schindler, chair of the Department of Anthropology and primitive technologies and foodways expert, goes live on WBAL-TV Baltimore’s weekend program to cook up some cricket tacos and cricket-flour protein balls for anchor Jennifer Franciotti. The live program was to promote the February event on campus “Insects on the Menu,” which focused on insects as a sustainable protein source for the human diet.

  • 02/05/17 The Chestertown Spy

    The Chestertown Spy profiles Joseph Prud’homme, associate professor of political science, in a video interview about the intersection of politics, religion, and culture.

  • 11/28/16 Bloomberg “Surveillance”

    On the “Bloomberg Surveillance” program, College President Sheila Bair speaks on market expectations for President-elect Donald Trump to roll back bank legislation, as well as the concept of income share agreements to help students pay back college debt.

  • 11/15/16 Fox Business News

    College President is interviewed by Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business News concerning the market’s response to the election of Donald Trump, potential changes to Dodd-Frank, and the future of the SEC once Mary Jo White steps down.

  • 11/14/16 CNBC’s Santelli Exchange
    Broadcasting live from Hodson Hall, Rick Santelli speaks with Audrey Utchen ’17, Samson Ramasamy ’18, Graham Hulsey ’17 and Preston Cooper, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, discussing topics including entitlements, job security, and the national debt.


  • 05/17/17 The Baltimore Sun “Roughly Speaking”

    Melissa Deckman, chair of the Department of Political Science and author of Tea Party Women, is interviewed on Dan Rodricks’ “Roughly Speaking” for the Baltimore Sun, about President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey and his release of classified information to Russian officials in the Oval Office.

  • 05/06/17 The Hits New Zealand

    Bill Schindler, chair of the Department of Anthropology, is interviewed on New Zealand’s “The Hits” program about primitive technologies and how he and his family incorporate them into their lifestyle.

  • 04/19/17 Radio New Zealand

    Bill Schindler, chair of the Department of Anthropology, is interviewed on Radio New Zealand about his classes in primitive technologies, his teaching philosophy, and how our human past should inform our present and future.

  • 03/29/17 National Public Radio “Here and Now”
    NPR “Here and Now” host Robin Young interviews WC’s Bill Schindler, chair of the Department of Anthropology, about his primitive technology classes that use hands-on teaching to show students how our ancestors lived and worked.
  • 03/24/17 “On Point” National Public Radio

    Bill Schindler, chair of the Department of Anthropology, is featured in this “On Point” interview on National Public Radio. He and students Eden Kloetzli ’17 and Mike Whisenant ’16 talk about Schindler’s primitive technology class and the value of learning how our ancestors hunted, made tools, and prepared their food.


  • 02/28/17 The Paleo Solution Podcast

    Bill Schindler, chair of the Department of Anthropology and primitive technologies and foodways expert, talks with host Robb Wolf about foraging for food and the evolution of the human diet on this edition of The Paleo Solution podcast.

  • 12/17/16: WNYC “This Week in Politics”

    Christopher Baylor, a visiting assistant professor in political science, is interviewed on WNYC’s “This Week in Politics” about the history and purpose of the electoral college and moments in our history where the popular vote and electoral vote diverged.

  • 12/16/16 International Business Times-UK “In the Field”

    Melissa Deckman, chair of the Department of Political Science, talks with Orlando Crowcroft of the International Business Times UK podcast “In the Field” about America’s reaction in the weeks since Donald Trump was elected president. She says diehard Democrats are still in shock at what has happened, while even Republicans who had been against Trump are now backing him because of the opportunities they have with a Republican in office. She also discusses Trump’s cabinet picks, and the surge in hate speech and the voice of white nationalists.

  • 11/30/16 National Public Radio, “Here & Now”
    On National Public Radio’s “Here & Now” program with Jeremy Hobson, College President Sheila Bair talks about how the 2010 Dodd-Frank regulations could be rolled back under President-Elect Donald Trump and whether it’s a good idea to loosen banking regulations.
  • 11/11/16 “Two Weeks Notice”

    In his Latin American politics blog “Two Weeks Notice,” Greg Weeks talks with Christine Wade, associate professor of political science and international studies, about the elections in Nicaragua.