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Internship/Research Registration

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Completing and submitting this form is only the first step to successfully registering for your internship. This new electronic registration process involves multiple parties and multiple steps (e.g. Faculty Advisor, Site Supervisor, Asst. Dean, Registrar). Please be aware of the entire process, as summarized below.

Non-Credit Bearing

Please complete only the Student Information, Organization Information and Internship Information sections. Then check to"Accept Terms" and click "Submit."

Credit Bearing


  • You must first consult with your faculty advisor to discuss learning objectives, academic assignments and/or to obtain the relevant course syllabus. If no syllabus is available, use the "Academic Learning Goals" section of the form to provide required academic assignments.
  • If you are seeking College Internship/Research funding (Click for Funding Sources), please complete those applications and provide the information below.

Additional Instructions

  • Please complete all sections and check "Accept Terms" and click "Submit."
  • Your faculty advisor may return your application for changes and/or corrections. It is your responsibility to watch for this email which will include comments from your faculty advisor and instructions for editing your application. Upon submitting your revised application, it will automatically be sent back to your faculty advisor for review and signature.
  • Once your faculty advisor has approved your application, it will be sent to the site supervisor for signature. At that point, the application is automatically returned to the Asst. Dean and Registrar for signature.
  • As a final step, when all parties have signed, you will receive an email with a copy of any and all documents pertaining to your internship.

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For paid internships

By checking this box, you agree to the terms and conditions established AND that the information provided is correct to the best of your knowledge. This checkbox acts as your signature to an electonic document. If this is a credit bearing internship, your faculty advisor will be emailed first to sign your internship contract. Otherwise, your contract will be sent directly to the Assistant Dean For Academic Initiatives.