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Everyone at WAC has a story to tell. Browse through our collection of more than 200 video stories and imagine how your story could unfold.

  • Bill Schindler, Director of the Eastern Shore Food Lab at Washington College
    One year after launching the Eastern Shore Food Lab, Dr. Schindler shares a video message describing its trajectory as a new signature center at Washington College.
  • Students in the Horizons program learned how to ferment foods in a special workshop led by ESFL interns.

    ESFL Interns Analiese Bush ’22 and Nicole Hatfield ’21 hosted students in the Horizons of Kent & Queen Anne’s County summer program for a workshop in making butter for freshly baked sourdough bread, and learning how to chop vegetables for sauerkraut to increase nutrient bioavailability in their food.

  • Students traveled to the Atlantic Ocean to make salt.
    Students siphoned, filtered, and boiled seawater to form pure salt crystals on string.
  • A site design concept by Emily Castle '18 includes spaces for people, wildlife, and food production.
    A new permaculture internship is helping students understand this multidisciplinary approach to ecological design, deepen their relationship with the natural world, and learn how they can cultivate harmony for people and wildlife.
  • Find out what Coach Pfaff and Amick had to say about becoming varsity. 
  • The Elm Sports Network previews the upcoming women’s soccer season.
  • Meet new head coach Tom Reilly.
  • Students established an apiary on campus to support local food production.
  • The Washington College Department of Music and Office of Multicultural Affairs sponsored an Afro-Cuban dance and music workshop featuring Yudi Valdés, Ernesto Gatell, Oscar Rousseaux, Lázaro Cárdenas, and Linette Tobin. For select artist bios, scroll down below the video.
  • From the Casey Academic Center to the Appalachian Trail, members of the Student Environmental Alliance traveled to the Shenandoah Valley to spend spring break camping in the mountains.

  • What’s it like to be a student at Washington College? Follow Meredith and George around on a typical Wednesday.
  • Washington College students enjoy the vibrant community life of historic Chestertown, Maryland.
  • The Student Events Board sent Washington College students on a bus trip to Camden Yards to watch the Orioles take on the Minnesota Twins.
  • Washington College Dining Services hosted a Heart Healthy Flash Mob with guest appearances from First Lady Elisabeth Reiss and Gus the Goose. 
  • The Grand Reopening of the Johnson Fitness Center packed brought scores of guests to celebrate the expansion of the space.
  • Follow the evolution of fitness at Washington College leading to the 2013 expansion of the Johnson Fitness Center.
  • A message from President and Mrs. Reiss
  • Brian Palmer, Director of Digital Media Services, set out to discover ways of driving greener.  Not to be as green as possible, but rather green as practical, with his 100 mile daily commute.  
  • Inspired by permaculture, Washington College students question the consequences of agriculture and begin to establish a perennial polyculture to produce food on campus.

  • A student sorts type in the press room.
    Natalie Butz ’12, Olivia Mott ’12, and Master Printer Mike Kaylor describe the publishing opportunities on the printing presses in the Rose O’Neill Literary House.
  • Members of the Washington College community greet the Class of 2016 and welcome back returning students. Just good ol’ WAC love.
  • Students in Professor Shaun Ramsey’s Mobile Application development class share their experiences coding applications in mobile interface environments.
  • Washington College students and alumni explain the significance of volunteering for our communities on a personal, local, and global level.
  • WAC Idol finalist Mackenzie Turnbull ’15 performs Warwick Avenue by Duffy
  • WAC Idol winner Melody Bishop ’15 performs Adele’s Someone Like You.
  • The father of a nation and founding patron of Washington College, played by Mike Zurawski ’12.
  • STEM students from Kent County Middle School joined Assistant Professor of Biology Mindy Reynolds’ toxicology class to work on a scientific experiment in a college setting.
  • Full recording of the 2011 Writers’ Theatre show “Movie: The Play” at Washington College.
  • Ryan Lizza talked to Washington College at the Prince Theater in Chestertown, Maryland.
  • Washington College Professors of Art Fatma Ismail and Alex Castro describe the Kohl Gallery’s Fall 2011 exhibition of ancient Egyptian funerary artifacts.
  • September 1, 2011Washington College awarded honorary degrees to international peacemaker Robert Gallucci and noted educator Nancy S. Grasmick at Fall Convocation. Rebecca Corbin Loree ’00 received the Alumni Horizon Ribbon Award, and trophies were awarded to the four classes who won the “Count Me In!” challenge in support of The Washington Fund. President Mitchell Reiss also presented several academic awards.
  • The 2011 undergraduate students in Dr. Amick’s laboratory are designing new palladium-catalyzed reactions for organic synthesis.
  • In 2011, Dr. Martin Connaughton and summer research student Kathy Thornton ’13 focused on fluoxetine (Prozac) and its impact on the startle response in Zebrafish.
  • Students have the power to make a change on campus and in the town, and SEA has inspired and led many of the initiatives that make Washington College a more sustainable campus.SEA welcomes all majors and disciplines to join at weekly meetings and events. SEA primarily focuses on: Promoting awareness of local, national, and international environmental issues and concerns. 
  • On an ordinary day in February, the bronze bust of George Washington was in for a show.
  • The Douglass Cater Society of Junior Fellows is the College’s flagship academic enrichment program—one that rewards creativity, initiative and intellectual curiosity with competitive grants to support self-directed undergraduate research and scholarship anywhere in the world. The intent is to bring together the best and brightest in what founder Douglass Cater called “a companionship of learning.”
  • The Washington College Center for Environment & Society hosted a public horseshoe crab ecology event at Eastern Neck Island with a presentation by Martha Shaum of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.
  • Fifty-five pairs of red shoes were worn by men at Washington College for “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes,” the international men’s march to stop rape, sexual assault, and gender violence.
  • During the first major snowstorm of 2010, Washington College students found ways to stay warm while having fun.
  • Doug Carter ‘12 speaks about his experience at the Writing Center.
  • It’s like your high school prom, only ten times cooler: a lavish masquerade, full of gold, glitter, and dazzling lights!
  • Joseph H. McLain Professor of Environmental Studies Donald Munson speaks about his course “Biodiversity and Ecology of Birds of the Chesapeake Bay” taught at Washington College.
  • Vintage video from “Club W,” the George Washington Birthday Ball at Washington College in 2007.
  • A '50s-inspired diner placemat
    Dr. Schindler’s Food, People, and the Planet course recreated 1950s diner fare inspired by the film “Back to the Future” with a nutrient-dense and bioavailable twist.
  • Students foraged for wild foods by kayak as part of the Fermentation Nation summer program.
    What’s it like to make a pizza from scratch? High school students from across the country spent a week in the ESFL learning to make sausage, cheese, and sourdough crusts.
  • Medieval May Day Celebration
    What does a resilient local food system taste like? Permaculture interns and Chaucer students sought to find out.
  • Bill Schindler forages in Ireland.
    The Eastern Shore Food Lab gets a running start by building on research with top experts around the world.
  • A jar of honey harvested from the Campus Garden apiary.
    The Campus Garden is abuzz with excitement. Students harvested honey from campus for the first time in Washington College history—and not one sting!
  • Head Coach Jamie Leventry previews the team’s upcoming season.
  • Water bottle getting refilled
    Washington College students are leading a campaign to increase access to refillable water bottle stations. Their efforts reduce the cost, waste, and carbon emissions of single-use disposable plastic water bottles.
  • Digital Media Services received three awards from films produced this past spring. Catch all the details below!
  • Washington College science students work on independent research projects with faculty mentors during the summer.

  • The Literary House Press of the Rose O’Neill Literary House at Washington College designs and prints their second annual commemorative letterpress broadside for the 2014 AWP Conference in Seattle: Nance Van Winckel’s poem “Because B.” This project was a collaboration with Washington-based literary journal Willow Springs.
  • The natural sciences and mathematics division is a microcosm of the liberal arts school—an intimate learning environment that encourages independent thinking and fosters close working relationships between students and professors.
  • Students, faculty, and staff explain what makes dining at Washington College a wonderful, everyday experience.
  • Engaging internships and strong faculty relationships have inspired in Jasmine Bibbs ’13 a greater passion to build a career in helping others.
  • The Washington College community danced the night away at the annual George Washington’s Birthday Ball themed “The City of Oz.”
  • George Washington gets ready for Birthday Ball 2013.
  • Caitlyn Riehl (right) with some of her Zeta Tau Alpha sisters at ZTA's Big Man on Campus fundraiser.
    One of the first in her family to attend college, Caitlyn Riehl ’13 graduated premed with her pick of two top-flight medical schools awaiting her decision.
  • Kyle Benk ’13 is working on a virtual investing app.
    If you ever wanted to invest in the stock market but were too scared to try, then Kyle Benk’s senior thesis is required playing.
  • The Kohl Gallery of Art opened an exquisite collection of rare volumes and prints with illustrations by some of the finest artists of the 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • It’s easy to fall in love with Chestertown, a colonial port town with a deep historic heritage, riverfront vistas, and a variety of local restaurants, merchants, and traditions.
  • Gus the Goose is a friend to everyone. After a chance encounter, Beilin Zia ’13 becomes best friends with the lovable mascot of Washington College.
  • Enter a caption for this image...
    May 1932 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sailed up the Chester River on the Presidential Yacht U.S.S. Sequoia to receive an honorary degree at the inauguration of Washington College President Gilbert Mead in 1932. During the weekend, students and faculty celebrated his visit with the Chestertown community with luncheons, parades and reenactments of historic moments at the College.
  • Writers’ Theatre, a student literary performance group at Washington College, personified academic majors in a murder mystery production.
  • The Multimedia Production Center led an alternative to the traditional Spring Break, a photography oriented trip to several state and national parks in the Southwest USA.  This short film highlights some of the sights and adventures had by the group.
  • WAC Idol finalist Melody Bishop ’15 performs Beautiful Disaster by Kelly Clarkson.
  • In celebration of George Washington’s birthday, the Washington College community gathered for an evening of fun and dance at the annual Birthday Ball.
  • Adam Goodheart, Hodson Trust-Griswold Director of the C.V. Starr Center for the American Experience, speaks about the lasting impact of George Washington in the founding of Washington College.
  • New World Order and Opportunities: Bilateral Trade, Investment, Banking and Finance between the Gulf and US.
  • Writers’ Theatre, a student literary performance group at Washington College, ventured into the sleeping subconscious of a college film student.
  • Former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf spoke about Pakistan, regional security and terrorism in a presentation at Washington College in Decker Theatre, Gibson Center for the Arts.
  • The Washington College Student Government Association sponsored the 2011 Club Fair with 82 campus clubs and organizations represented, along with non-profit groups from the Chestertown community.
  • The morning after Hurricane Irene, a survey of campus showed windswept trees, some fallen branches, and students evacuated to safety in Minta Martin dorm who were preparing to return to their own rooms.
  • Gary Fenstamaker ’13 collaborated with Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science Austin Lobo  on examining the security of the Washington College campus network.
  • HOSA and ACS raised over $400 for the American Cancer Society as part of Relay for Life fundraising.
  • Staff Spotlight: Mark Scott, Infrastructure EngineerE-mail: sscott2@washcoll.eduOffice: William Smith HallPhone: 410-778-8950
  • The Zumba® program fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away. The routines feature interval training sessions where fast and slow rhythms and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. Add some Latin flavor and international zest into the mix and you’ve got a Zumba® class!
  • After our orientation to the Chesapeake Semester at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, a skipjack sail and 4 bushel of crabs, students visited Echo Hill Outdoor school for some trust and team building exercises.View video by Amanda Anastasia ‘13 and Kelsey Hallowell ‘12.
  • Bennett Lamond, Professor of English, Emeritus, explains the origins of May Day at Washington College, a campus tradition shrouded in local folklore.
  • The Washington College Student Events Board presented Heads You Win, where students competed to keep their hands on George Washington’s bronze head the longest. Event winner Taylor Bresnahan recaps the event with SEB Director of Traditions Alex Insel ’12.
  • Kat Muller ’12 speaks about her experience at the Writing Center.
  • Student journalists from Washington College explored the Newseum and met with Chief Washington Correspondent for CNBC John Harwood as part of a weeklong immersion in journalism and design workshops.
  • Feature about Washington College Associate Professor of Physics and Earth and Planetary Science Karl Kehm.
  • Associate Professor of Biology Martin Connaughton on his “Life Histories” course taught at Washington College.
  • Ben Folds performs at Washington College.
  • Naturalist Kathy Thornton discusses ecology along the Sassafras River during the ESFL's Permaculture Orientation program.
    During Permaculture Orientation with the ESFL, students in the Class of 2023 explored how an understanding of nutrition and diet can lead toward ecological harmony.
  • Lanning Tyrrel observes the Chester River at twilight.
    The Eastern Shore Food Lab is establishing an outdoor learning space at the River and Field Campus for the study and production of wild foods, primitive technology, and ecological landscape design.
  • An image from the College’s co-branded BuzzFeed campaign that won a Platinum Hermes Creative Award.
    Showcasing its work across multiple platforms and disciplines, Washington College’s marketing and communications team lands five top awards in the international Hermes Awards competition.
  • Mastering the air flow of the earth oven was important to keep the fire going strong.
    From starting sourdough cultures in their dorm rooms to baking pizza in the Campus Garden’s earth oven, Washington College’s student gardeners are learning how permaculture helps grow a resilient society.
  • Students enjoyed aronia berries in homemade yogurt smoothies they made while camping.

    Students foraged for meals and fermented foods as part of the permaculture pre-orientation trip, which focused on how to build ecological resilience within the modern human landscape.

  • The Shorewomen had another impressive regular season. Jules Shipps helps recap the success.
  • Washington College students thrive in specialized classrooms and outdoor spaces that facilitate hands-on learning.
  • Energy Videos > Energy Futures
  • Biology professor Mindy Reynolds and student researcher Jimmy Comotto ’14 describe the biology program at Washington College.
  • Washington College Dining Services celebrated the 65th anniversary of Candy Land by featuring 70 varieties of candy along with super foods and healthy foods and snacks.
  • Get a glimpse into campus and academic life.
  • To kick off Earth Week, Dining Services hosted a cooking competition in which three dishes are prepared without meat or gluten. 
  • Lincoln has been getting all of the attention lately—even at Washington College. But that’s about to change, as students set out to cure Washington’s “Birthday Blues.”
  • Dr. Jennifer Rowsell, Assistant Professor of Biology, leads a class through the dissection of dogfish sharks during a Neurobiology lab.
  • As the Johnson Fitness Center renovation reaches completion, students and staff share their gratitude to the alumni and friends who made the update possible.
  • Eshan Patel ’13 says his career path began to unfold during the weeks he spent working in Professor Mindy Reynolds’ biology lab. From that summer research experience in 2011, a world of opportunity opened to him.
  • Check out the launch of the new Miller Library Café and the new website.
  • The Student Environmental Alliance at Washington College established a garden to promote campus sustainability and experiential learning.
  • At the annual Club Fair, students had the chance to meet members of campus clubs and organizations to learn about participating.
  • During their first 48 hours on campus…
  • Freshmen gain a global perspective of traditional foodways.
  • Washington College has created a Hillel House on campus to support the growing and vibrant community of Jewish students.
  • Host Ryan Bankert ’13 introduces each of the six contestants in the 2012 WAC Idol competition.
  • WAC Idol finalist Emily Hall ’14 performs her original song Be the Seasons.
  • Mr. Edward Redmond, Senior Reference Specialist and Curator in the Library of Congress, Geography and Maps Division, gave a lecture on the maps of George Washington. 
  • The 2012 Birthday Ball video.
  • Students, faculty, and staff paused during finals week to share seasons greetings.
  • 20 Years In The Making
  • The Student Environmental Alliance at Washington College joined a demonstration coordinated by the Sassafras River Association to protect the ecological health of the Eastern Shore landbase and waterways.
  • September 1, 2011Washington College awarded honorary degrees to international peacemaker Robert Gallucci and noted educator Nancy S. Grasmick at Fall Convocation. Rebecca Corbin Loree ‘00 received the Alumni Horizon Ribbon Award, and trophies were awarded to the four classes who won the “Count Me In!” challenge in support of The Washington Fund. President Mitchell Reiss also presented several academic awards.
  • Tyler Brice ’13, Hannah O’Malley ’12, and Brendyn Meisinger ’13 studied the landscape ecology of the eastern painted turtle (Chrysemys picta picta) with Assistant Professor of Biology Aaron R. Krochmal in 2011.
  • Dr. Shaun Ramsey, George Essig ‘13 and Otto Borden ‘13 are creating a 3D game engine and world with multiplayer networking capabilities.
  • The Ichthyology students observed Zebrafish larvae exhibiting positive phototaxis, a tendency to move towards the light. In this experiment, half of a glass tank was covered in foil to create dark conditions and students watched as the larvae settled themselves in the lighted portion.
  • In celebration of George Washington’s birthday, the Washington College community gathered for an evening of fun and dance at the annual Birthday Ball.
  • Incorporating many different forms of exercise, power hour is designed to push the strength and stamina of each student. Utilizing positions and movements found in yoga, Pilates, aerobics, and weight lifting students experience a work out with a highly intensified work to rest ratio. The dynamic lifts and body positions help to gain upper body strength, increase flexibility, and improve aerobic/anaerobic fitness.
  • A living shoreline at Eastern Neck Island Wildlife Refuge includes the introduction of oysters and marine grasses.
  • The Center for Environment & Society and Friends of Eastern Neck hosted a shoreline cleanup to pick up trash and debris that accumulated over the winter months
  • The Washington College Photography Club ventured to NYC in January 2010 for a two day photo safari. This is is every photo shot by Brian Palmer during that 2 day trip, set to the soundtrack “Craft” by Adhesion, via
  • Beverly Frimpong ’12 speaks about her experience at the Writing Center
  • Washington College students Kristin Bircsak ’10 and Taylor Robinson ’10 spent the summer in Chestertown researching native reptile and amphibian populations with Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Aaron Krochmal.
  • Angelyca Jackson ’08 speaks about her experience as a Washington College biology major.
  • First-year students learned to make movies during a crash course in filmmaking and photography.