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Washington College

The Unhurried Moment

At Washington College, we often speak of “unhurried conversations” and how important they are to the distinctive character of our campus and the education we offer.

But what does it mean to be unhurried when you live in a world that demands instant responses to never-ending distractions?

It means celebrating the idea that the most powerful part of a liberal arts education is found in a single, unfettered conversation between a teacher and a student. It means understanding that sometimes the most significant part of an education at Washington College is found beyond the classroom. These unhurried moments are what we delight in sharing with each other, where we explore the ideas and experiences that excite our minds. They are the memories our students carry with them and reflect upon as they make decisions that change their lives and shape their careers long after they graduate. Conversations like these reaffirm the vital importance of the community and the experience that is Washington College.

In a world this fast, we just can't afford not to take it slowly sometimes.

And now it's your turn. We'd like to hear from you about your favorite unhurried moments at Washington College.
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