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Title IX

Resolving Complaints

The Title IX Coordinator or Section 504 Coordinator or other appropriate College administrator will ensure that steps are taken to address and resolve any instance where an investigation and subsequent review (by either the Honor Board or the DDRC) concluded discrimination or harassment occurred. Resolution outcomes include actions to remediate the instance of discrimination or harassment and, where needed, actions to prevent future recurrence and to correct discriminatory effects on the Reporting Party and others.

Remedial actions include, but are not limited to:

  • College Warning (Except in cases of Sexual Assault/Violence)
  • Suspension/Expulsion
  • Probation
  • Termination of Employment
  • Protection from Retaliation
  • Counseling for the Reporting Party
  • Other steps to address the impact of harassment or discrimination on the Reporting Party, any witnesses and the College community

Discrimination and Dispute Resolution Committee (DDRC)

The Washington College Discrimination Dispute Resolution Committee (DDRC) is used when the subject of a formal written complaint is an employee or third party. The DDRC will consist of faculty and staff, trained to review matters involving discrimination and harassment. A hearing panel will consist of three members of the DDRC and is facilitated by the Director of Human Resources (or designee) for complaints against staff members or Provost (or designee) for complaints against faculty.  Hearings where there is a staff Responding Party will include two staff members and one faculty member on the hearing panel.  Within 15 days after the hearing, the panel will issue a written decision that includes a review of the information relevant to the case and sanctions assigned if it is found to be “more likely than not” that the subject of the Complaint violated College policy.  The DDRC will continue to function whenever the College is open even if classes are not in session.


Records of complaint investigation and any corrective action will be entrusted to the Title IX Coordinator or ADA/Section 504 Coordinator and will be maintained in an electronic system accessible throughout the College on a confidential basis consistent with College’s legal requirements and appropriate legal requests for said documents.

Making an Appeal

The Reporting Party or Responding Party may appeal decisions of the DDRC or Honor Board by submitting a written appeal request within five business days of receiving written notification of the outcome of the hearing. Appeal forms can be downloaded from the following website  Only appeals that are based on one or more of the following grounds will be considered for review:

  • Procedural error(s) that prevented fundamental fairness;
  • New information or evidence that was not available at the hearing;
  • An imposed sanction that is disproportionate to the violation and/or the conduct history of the Responding Party;

Letters of appeal for Honor Board decisions must be sent to the Vice President of Student Affairs (or designee). The Vice President for Student Affairs or designee will determine whether or not the appeal meets the above criteria. If any of the criteria are met, the case will be referred to the appeal board; if the case does not meet at least one of the criteria, there will be no further review. More information on the student appeal process can be found in the Student Handbook. Letters of appeal for DDRC decisions must be sent to the President of the College (or designee). The President of the College (or designee) will determine whether or not the appeal meets the above criteria. If any of the criteria are met, the case will be reviewed and a decision made; if the case does not meet at least one of the criteria, there will be no further review. The appellant(s) and the other party, shall be notified of the outcome of the appeal. All appeals will be conducted in an impartial manner and by an impartial decision-maker.