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Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Form


Discrimination or Harassment Complaints

Washington College encourages anyone who has experienced any form of discrimination or harassment to report the incident promptly, to seek all available assistance, and to pursue remedies available through campus judicial or grievance processes.  Complainants are also encouraged to report incidents to local, state and/or federal authorities or offices charged with handling unlawful discrimination or harassment.

Reporting a Complaint

Students, employees, or third parties who believe they have been subjected to discrimination or harassment, including sexual violence/assault, by a student or employee of the Washington College community or by another individual for whom the College is or may be responsible (e.g., applicants for admission or employment, alumni, independent contractors, vendors, recruiters) should contact one of the following persons for assistance with resolving a complaint:

  • Title IX Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator(s) – for matters involving discrimination or harassment based on sex or gender
  • 504 Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator(s) – for matters involving discrimination or harassment based on disability
  • Professional Staff in Student Affairs
  • Department of Public Safety
  • Human Resources Department 

When a Washington College student is the subject of a discrimination or harassment complaint, the matter will be referred to the Honor Board or other appropriate hearing body (see the Washington College Honor Code and Student Judicial System found earlier in this Handbook).

When a Washington College employee or third party is the subject of a formal written complaint, the matter will be reviewed by the Washington College Discrimination Complaint Review Committee. 

Students, employees, or third parties alleging discrimination or harassment may submit a complaint in writing using the Discrimination/Harassment complaint form. Complaint forms are available in Public Safety, Student Affairs, Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator’s Office or for download and printing from the College website at [].

Complaints alleging sexual discrimination or harassment (including sexual assault/violence) should be submitted to Candace Wannamaker, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and the College’s Title IX Coordinator (410) 778-7752 or

Complaints alleging disability discrimination or harassment should be submitted to Andrea Vassar, Director of Academic Skills and the College’s Section ADA/Section 504 Coordinator, Clifton Miller Library, 410-778-7883.