Rachel Beall '25

    Permaculture Intern

    Majors: Environmental Science and Mathematics
    Minors: Chesapeake Regional Studies and Chemistry

    Rachel’s mom and family instilled a deep love for the environment and connection to the natural world in her; she has felt most grounded in nature for as long as she can remember. Spelunking in caves barely touched by humans, climbing to the indescribable tops of mountains, and traversing deep waters and forests have always been part of Rachel’s passions.

    Rachel is double majoring in Environmental Science and Mathematics and double minoring in Chesapeake Regional Studies and Chemistry — she is eager to gain knowledge that can be applied to sustainability efforts. By cultivating a science and mathematics education at a liberal arts college, Rachel hopes to gain skills to continue research on sustainability and combatting climate change while creating a world based in harmony, deep-rooted love, and care. When she is not studying, Rachel can be found all places outside, reading, practicing yoga, or dancing.

    Rachel has been involved in environmental education and activism for many years; she is a member of her local Sunrise Movement activist group, has participated in and led school-wide sustainability initiatives, and is constantly developing her knowledge through literature, attending lectures, and conducting research. Rachel is interested in sustainability movements, specifically in food and fast fashion. In one project, she was given the opportunity to present research at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab after cultivating a school-wide food initiative. Through this research, she has realized how crucial immediate climate action is. Through beginning her liberal arts education, she has learned that this action must come from adaptability, harmony, equity, and intergenerational sustainability. 

    She is incredibly excited to continue researching and implementing sustainability efforts in college! Rachel is excited to be a member of the John S. Toll Science and Math Fellows program, the Presidential Fellows Program, and the Environmental and Society fellowship at Washington College. She is also a GIS intern, involved in the Student Government Association, and taking a beekeeping course through the college. In joining the Office of Sustainability as Permaculture Intern, Rachel is eager to gain hands-on and collaborative experience while learning the principles of permaculture. Rachel has always loved to study how human and environmental systems interact, and through this permaculture internship, she is given the unique opportunity to study just that.