Sophie Esdale '24

    Permaculture Intern

    Major: Environmental Science

    Growing up in a beach town located within Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Sophie has always maintained a passion for the outdoors. She spent as much time as possible in nature, visiting local beaches and hiking or skiing mountains in New England.

    As she reached adolescence, she realized the importance of preserving her local ecosystems and how she could play a part in sustainable practices within her community. She participated in a multitude of beach and trail cleanups as well as implementing personal goals to lead a sustainable lifestyle. She also aims to educate others in her life on how they can increase their own contributions to preserving the environment.  


    Through her dedication to conservation and sustainability, Sophie decided to apply this passion to her future career and is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science at Washington College. She spends her time participating and engaging with her peers through programs such as Presidential Fellows and Wildlife Conservation Club. She hopes to obtain a career involving habitat restoration that enables her to spend plenty of time outdoors.  


    Sophie is grateful for this opportunity to increase her knowledge about sustainability and nutrition in relation to creating a healthier planet. She is excited to share her passion with her peers and educate others about what she learns.