Grace Paquin '24

    Permaculture Intern

    Major: Environmental Science

    Grace has always been committed to helping the environment and interested in local foods.

    When she was younger, Grace could often be found making and handing out flyers about recycling in her neighborhood or helping her mom in their basement starting seeds for their garden. Grace and her family have since become involved in several local food networks, and Grace is very interested in local food chains and how these can help reduce our environmental impact, as well as provide healthy and nutritious food. Grace likes to enjoy local vegetables, eggs, meat and milk, and loves being able to see and go to the places where these foods come from.

    These early and continuing experiences coupled with a love of being outdoors led Grace to becoming an Environmental Science major. One of her favorite things to do outside is exploring with her dogs, another major passion. Grace is a Presidential Fellow and the president of the Fetching Freedom club on campus, and a member of the Equestrian Team.