Allison Michaud '24

    Permaculture Intern

    Major: Biology
    Concentration: Ecology and Evolution 
    Minor: Computer Science

    Allie can’t contribute her love for the natural world to just one thing. Perhaps it was her time outdoors as a child in Annapolis, maybe it was her summers in New Hampshire, or even her environmental education program in high school. One thing is for sure—Allie will never say “no” when offered the chance to fish, explore, or catch frogs!

    As an Annapolis native, Allie spent her childhood outdoors—fishing, exploring, and playing. Her summers were spent in the mountains of New Hampshire, where she became fascinated by weather and energy movement through ecosystems. In high school, she completed environmental coursework and a Capstone project for her school’s Environmental Literacy Signature Program. At WAC, Allie helps with the chickens and is active in the campus garden.

    As a child, Allie’s parents fostered within her a respect for life and all things living and tolerated the copious amounts of mud, slugs, and worms that ended up in and around the house. She took interest in her father’s career in meteorology and her mother’s background in education, leading to a passion for environmental outreach/education.

    Her love and care for all things living easily translated over into a biology major, and her fascination with systems and diversity led her to a concentration in ecology and evolution. A passion for education is steering her towards possible careers as a park ranger or outdoor educator.

    Allie is excited to renovate the pond this semester (totally NOT just because there will be frogs). She hopes her journey as a permaculture intern will provide her with skills to have a permaculture garden of her own one day. Allie strives to better the world in whatever way she can, one smile at a time!