Holly Myers '23

    Permaculture Intern

    Major: Environmental Science
    Minor: Studio Art

    From a young age, Holly was taught by those around her to see nature as an extension of self and community, in which human wellbeing and growth depends on the continual prosperity and wellbeing of organisms around us. 

    Nature served as the background for much of her youth, whether that was in her family's garden or exploring streams and woods with friends, fostering a strong sense of stewardship and for the environment.

    Yet growing up outside of Philadelphia forced Holly to consider the factors endangering people and the environment early in life. Beginning primarily in high school, Holly became involved in learning more about the issues that plagued Philadelphians environmentally, in part through taking a course where she learned about the history of the Philadelphia waterways and the associated issues. Additionally, she joined the Sunrise Movement, a youth climate activism group that emphasizes environmental justice and governmental policy change both at a local and global level. While Holly has always had a deep love for the environment, issues of environmental justice are what ultimately lead her to pursuing a degree in environmental science in the hopes of working towards solutions in her own community and the broader picture of those disproportionately affected by pollution and global climate change. Holly hopes to learn more about how permaculture principles can be applied to community-based actions and environmental programs through the incredible opportunity that this internship offers.

    On campus, Holly is an environmental science major and studio art minor. She is involved in Presidential Fellows, the Cater Junior Apprentice Program, the Campus Garden Club, the Compost Club, a GIS internship, as well as working as a research assistant with Dr. Van Meter examining the effects of pesticides and different background matrices on marbled salamanders.

    Holly is incredibly excited to expand her knowledge of permaculture through this internship and is incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be involved!