Bella Wilson
Bella Wilson

Connecting the Dots

Bella  Wilson

Class of 2023 • Baltimore, Maryland
When Bella Wilson first arrived at Washington College, she found herself to be quite comfortable. Preferring the qualities of a tight-knit small school, she became enamored with the closeness without feeling contained. With all the people she has met, and all the first-year events she has experienced, Wilson knows that she will find the strength to know what she wants to do post-graduation.


Before she approached the Washington College campus, Bella Wilson had an idea what she wanted to study. With interests ranging from editing to writing, and from acting to staging, Wilson wanted to do it all—and credits the wide array of opportunities the college provides for its students for helping her adjust and organize her coursework.

“Had I gone to any other school that concentrated in one subject, such as art school, I definitely would not have had the opportunity to explore what I was really interested in,” she said.

Citing her favorite high school teacher as inspiration for her choice, Bella came to campus with high hopes, and fell in love with a multitude of departments, primarily those belonging to the fine arts.

“I really love the drama department here,” she said. “Everyone is so interconnected with each other, and that’s something that I really value in any learning environment.”

Bella cites that interconnectedness as one of the many reasons she was drawn to Washington College—and one of the main reasons she has stayed to see what will happen for her next, including internships, externships, and post-graduation plans.

“It’s really nice to have interpersonal relationships between your instructors and peers, and if I had gone to a university, I wouldn’t have benefited in the same way,” Bella said. “To know each other and just be a part of something bigger means a lot to me, and that’s something I’m definitely proud of.”

“Washington College was not the school that I thought I would attend, but I am so much happier knowing that I’m here, experiencing a new portion of my life in a new, little portion of the world.”

Bella's Four Year Plan

Year 1

Favorite Classes Introduction to Communications & Media Studies (CMS-101) and Introduction to Acting (THE-101)

With two majors in mind, Bella wanted to make the most of her introductory classes during her first year at WC, gaining the first level of experience to enter the next three years fully prepared for whatever challenges may come her way. “I love being creative and telling stories in a unique way, so being involved with these classes helped to hone on those skills.”

Years  2 & 3

Looking Forward ToInternships in the Theatre

While crediting her internship at the local Garfield Center for the Performing Arts, Wilson hopes that her experiences in future productions both on and off-campus will help her to gain an internship at a bigger theatre. “I really did enjoy working behind the scenes and observing the actors during production, so I would love to continue interning at a larger theatre, such as the Everyman in Baltimore.”

Years 3 & 4

Looking Forward ToInternships in Publishing

To gain both experience and knowledge to coincide with her JEP minor, Bella hopes to broaden her interest through an internship at a publishing firm. “I’m really interested in getting that publishing experience for my minor in the near future.”

Year 4

Looking Forward ToSCE Project/Career

While she is still considering a topic for her CMS major, Wilson is determined to make the most of her Theatre SCE, citing her ever-growing appreciation for the Theatre Department as support for a performance capstone of A Streetcar Named Desire. She hopes to pursue a master’s in CMS and MFA in editing and publishing. “It was through the theatre department that I gained the courage to put myself out there and tell another person’s story through my performance. So when graduation comes, I plan on opening myself up to any new experiences that come my way.”