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Smiling Staff

Smiling Staff

Washington College is all about our students, but our Smiling Staff goes above and beyond to make this place feel like home. A fundamental element of a liberal arts education at Washington College is our emphasis on creating a strong moral compass – and our staff’s actions lead by example. Our staff recognize their personal responsibility to take care of the people around them on campus, in Chestertown, and elsewhere – and these are some amazing people! Their WAC Luv runs deep.

“It’s nice to be a face and a name on campus and not just a number. Everyone on this campus is so helpful and polite, it just feels like home.” – Justin Yerkie ’19

“I have such a broad, comprehensive support system here, which is hard to find at other schools.” – Courtney Vicisko ’19 “Moral courage are not just words in a charter at this College. The people here believe it, and their daily actions reflect it. Our students graduate with an understanding of the difference between right and wrong that will benefit you, our country, and this entire world for generations to come.” – Kurt Landgraf, President  

“I love to see the students light up when they explore the power of these newly acquired skills. Whether it be centered around discovery, expression, or problem solving, I think programming we can offer the students through IDEAWORKS is truly a unique and valuable addition to their undergraduate experience.” – Brian Palmer, director of Digital Media Services, which oversees IDEAWORKS, a multimedia resource for students. 

The Happy Gardener

Campus videographer and Master Gardener Shane Brill has turned his urban backyard into a homestead food forest.

 Shane Brill has adopted permaculture as his avocation, and is helping students embrace the joys of planting, harvesting, and eating local foods. Read more.

Finding Joy in The Arts

A theater buff, Debbie Reed happily pitches in behind the scenes to help the shows go on. Click here to read more. 

The World is Her Workplace

After studying abroad in England and graduating with a degree in history, Alex Levy ’15 stayed around to help other Washington College students enjoy the same kind of experiences she loved. Click here to read more. 

Cold Nose, Warm Heart

Puck, a therapy dog, spreads joy through licks and kisses. Click here to read more.