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Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” (Jack Kerouac) 

On the Road

This year’s theme is all about traveling and seeking new experiences. WAC offers students amazing opportunities for travel and growth every year, and whether those journeys are a quick walk down to our beautiful Waterfront or a study-abroad trip that includes hang-gliding through the forests of the Amazon, WAC’s got you covered. In this issue, we also want to celebrate the cultural diversity within our own tight-knit community. Several students from as far away as Hong Kong and Australia pilgrimage to WAC every year.

The links to the right will take you to the various components of the new digital Pegasus—get to know your fellow passengers by clicking over to one of the class profile pages, or stop to smell the roses and relive the best events of the year through our Milestones articles. Above all, enjoy your stay!