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The Pegasus Yearbook

Department of Psychology

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Lauren Littlefield – Chair of the Department of Psychology, Associate Professor of Psychology

Dually trained in clinical psychology and neuropsychology, Lauren Littlefield obtained her PhD from Drexel University. Practicum and post-doctoral work was completed at the Neurology Department of the University of Pennsylvania Health System, the University of Virginia’s Child and Family Outpatient Clinic, and the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center. Currently, Dr. Littlefield is the departmental Chairperson for the undergraduate and graduate psychology programs at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland. She has won several teaching awards, including Maryland Psychological Association’s Undergraduate Psychology Teacher of the Year in 2007 and Washington College’s Alumni Association Award for Distinguished Teaching in 2004. She has mentored over 200 student researchers who are co-authors on her publications, which include over 100 peer-reviewed research abstracts, teaching chapters, and data-driven manuscripts. Practicing part-time as a clinical neuropsychologist, she specializes in devising ways to improve the quality of life for adult neurological populations and children suffering from learning disorders.