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The Pegasus Yearbook

about the pegasus:

The first edition of the Pegasus was published in 1909.  At the time, Washington was so full of school spirit that each class had its own motto, colors, and chant.  Sadly, the yearbook was suspended after its second edition because of insufficient funding.  In 1927, the Pegasus returned with volume one of a new series that continued for eighty-four years.

Now, we embark on a new journey and begin the third series of the Pegasus:  an online publication.  In doing so we’d like to echo the sentiments expressed in the Foreword of the 1928 Pegasus:

“PEGASUS—the winged horse—what magic words to bring to mind, pictures of gleaming vistas and cool palisades with stately columns and splashing fountains.  It is the lure of Ancient Greece.  The enchantment of her immortal art and mythical heroes.  This is the picture we have tried to catch and hold throughout this book.  We believe we have also sounded the tone of modern education in this majestic theme.  Does education not bring beauty into life by an appreciation of the arts?  Does it not convey understanding and tolerance through acquaintance with facts?  In this light we commend our book to you.  It is the second volume of a new series and we have attempted to make it grow with age.  In so far as we have succeeded we are happy to offer it to you as a conscientious picture of life at this old institution, our Alma Mater.

We too have attempted to make the Pegasus grow with age—with the age of smart phones and iPads, social media and YouTube.  The world we live in is changing, and the new Pegasus is moving forward to embrace it.  With the prevalence of technology, we’ve taken a chance.  Memories aren’t linear—they are vivid and scattered, and in this spirit we have created the first edition of the online Pegasus.   Feel free to explore in whatever direction moves you; start and end where you will.  Along the way, remember the friends, the lessons, and the moments that made you who you are today. 


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