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As part of the Washington College family, you have the opportunity to create a profile on our website.

Why might you want a profile?

Your profile provides information to people who may search for you online—prospective employers included. It’s an opportunity to outline your campus involvement, to list your academic interests and to share your story. After you graduate, you can update your profile with grad school or career information and use them to stay in touch with your classmates. Professors often include student and alumni profiles on their department sites to share with prospective students. 

What are the rules?

WC’s profiles are kind of a cross between LinkedIn and Facebook. They provide an opportunity to list campus involvement and academic achievements while also allowing some flexibility for personalization. Students are encouraged to use the profile to do a Q&A about their College experience or highlight a particular endeavor from their time at Washington College. Alumni are encouraged to use their profile as a supplement to class notes to illustrate life after undergrad. 

The College reserves the right to remove content it deems inappropriate and suspend the privileges of users who abuse editing access.

How do I get a profile?

To edit your profile you need a LiveWhale account, which you can obtain by emailing When you email, let us know you’d like to edit your profile.

Profile picture days will be held throughout the school year for students who want to update their head shots with professional portraits.

If you’re having trouble editing your profile, you can download our helpful how-to PDF or check out this video.