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Q: When is Showcase?
A: Showcase is held twice a year, in August and in January, to introduce the course instructors and let the members hear more about the courses being offered that semester. Please watch the main page for the exact date of this semester’s Showcase event.

Q:  When do classes begin?
A: Classes generally start in early September and late January, and run for two 6-week sessions each semester. This gives members up to four different sections of classes to choose from with an annual membership. Exact dates for each session will be posted on the main page.

Q:  What does membership include?
A: Membership in WC-ALL includes as many courses as you’d like to take for one flat fee, either annual or by semester. Annual memberships begin in the fall, and run through May. Other benefits include discounts on monthly Learn at Lunches and some scheduled day trips, as well as a hard copy course catalog mailed to the member’s home address. Fees are as follows: Individual - $95/semester, $130 annual; Couple - $135/semester, $195 annual. Alternately, you can be a “Friend” of WC-ALL for $15/person per semester, which will still give you the discounted lunches and trips, as well as the catalog, but does not include course registration. For more details, please see the Membership section of the website.

Q:  How many classes may I sign up for?
A:  The membership fee covers as many classes as you’d like to take per semester or session – you are not charged “per class.” We do ask that when registering for courses, you take into consideration travel plans or other absences, and only sign up for courses that you intend to be present for over the term.

Q:  I can’t remember where my class is being held. Where can I find the locations of the classes?
A:  Each semester the class location schedule is posted on the main webpage, as well as on the bulletin board outside the office (Smith Hall, #5). Please look for the link to the location schedule online. Classes are generally held in Smith, Goldstein and Daly Halls on campus, as well as off-campus locations such as Kent County High School and Unitarian Universalists of the Chester River.

Q:  I’m interested in teaching a course for WC-ALL. How can I get started?
A:  Course proposals for WC-ALL classes are very welcome from anyone in the community – not just members. Twice a year the Request for Proposals is sent out. The form is available on the website during the proposal period (usually 60 days prior to the due date), or in hard copy by contacting the office.