Student Tuition & Information

    The Business Office processes billing statements and posts payments for student accounts.

    Form 1098-T and W-2’s are available on Student Self-Service unless the student notifies the Business Office in writing to issue a paper form mailed to the home address.

    Student accounts are generally due three weeks before the beginning of the semester. Student Bills are available through Student Self-Service. You can access the payment plan through Official Payments, or find information on other types of payment.

    No Cash Required

    Students can use their College ID card to manage on-campus spending; you can replenish funds via GET. The site provides information about account balances and spending history, while allowing a student (or parent/guardian) to add money to the College ID card using a credit card.

    Financial Responsibility

    All students are required to complete a Financial Responsibility Form agreement, found on the Student Web Advisor account under the Financial Information heading. This agreement must be completed prior to being eligible to register for classes.

    Transferring Funds

    Students may transfer excess Financial Aid funds from their student account to their student ID card in order to make purchases on campus at the Bookstore, Dining Hall and Information Technologies office. The request is made using the Transfer option under Transfer/Refund Credit Balance option through Student Web Advisor

    Receiving a refund of a credit balance 

    Students may request a refund of a credit balance available on the student account using the Refund option under Transfer/Refund Credit balance through Student Web Advisor.

    Tuition Refund Insurance 

    Optional Tuition Refund Insurance is available through DeWar Insurance. All students will be billed each semester for tuition refund insurance, unless the student is receiving tuition waiver. You may opt out of the plan by contacting Please be sure to include the student’s name and student ID number in your email.

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    1098-T Automation Memo

    Direct Deposit for Student Account Refunds Memo

    Tax-Free Scholarships and Fellowships

    Understanding Internships

    Late Payment Fee

    Washington College charges a late payment fee of $200 on any balance of $2,000 or more for undergraduate students. A late fee is charged when a student:

    • has not paid the account in full or made payment arrangements by the officially posted due date for the current semester; or
    • has not paid the account in full or made payment arrangement by the officially posted due date for the curent semester; or
    • has defaulted on a payment plan; or
    • has financial aid canceled, in any manner.

    Statement of Account

    Student account statements are available online through Student Self-Service. The following payment options are available:

    1. Mail a check payable to Washington College, 300 Washington Avenue, Chestertown, MD 21620. Your student Account number MUST be on your check.

    2. Credit card payments may be made with MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card through  Student Self-Service or Payment OptionsThere is a 2.5% convenience fee for this service.

    3. E-check payments can be made through Student Self-Service or Payment Options. There is no fee for this service.

    4. Washington College is pleased to offer the tuition payment plan administered by ACI Payments Inc. Enrolling in a tuition payment plan is easy. Enrollment for fall begin in July.

    Plans offered for fall are a 5 month installment plan with payment beginning in July or a 4 month installment plan with payment beginning in August. There is a one time enrollment fee of $55 for the plan. 

    Plans offered for spring are a 5 month installment plan with payment beginning in December or a 4 month installment plan with payment beginning in January. There is a one time enrollment fee of $55 for the plan. 

    The student will be responsible for immediate payment of the semester balance due should the ACI Payment Inc. payment plan be terminated. The late payment fee will also apply.

    Students who have not paid in full, or who have not made satisfactory arrangements to pay in full using financial aid or the payment plan, by the due date for the semester, will not be considered as having met their financial obligation. Until this obligation has been met, students may not return to campus, attend classes, or obtain keys or a college ID card.

    Student Debit Card System

    WC student ID cards are able to have funds added so they can be used to make purchases at the Bookstore, retail food locations in Hodson Hall Commons and Sassafras Hall and in the Office of Information Technologies. Funds can be added through GET and are accepted for ID card purchases (cash and personal checks will still be accepted, and credit cards and debit cards in most locations).

    Excess Financial Aid funds can be transferred to the student debit card by using the Transfer option of the Transfer/Refund Credit Balance found on the student WebAdvisor page. 

    Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan

    All students are required to have health insurance coverage. All NEW students will be enrolled in and billed for the College plan, which provides limited accident and sickness coverage, unless a waiver form is completed and returned to Health Services prior to July 15, 2020. All foreign students are required to purchase health insurance through Washington College. There are no exceptions to this policy.

    Pending Financial Aid

    Federal regulations require that Federal grants and loans be posted to student accounts no earlier than 10 days prior to the first day of class. Therefore, if you have been awarded a Federal grant or loan and have accepted the Federal grant or loan, the amount of the award will appear on your billing statement as “pending aid.” Your balance due is calculated as the difference between your charges and all aid awarded and accepted, including pending aid.

    If you have been awarded and have accepted a Federal Direct Student Loan, the loan amount will appear as Pending Aid on your billing statement. Loan amounts have been deducted from your charges. Federal Direct Student Loan paperwork can be done electronically. Instructions can be found on the Financial Aid site.

    Outside Private Scholarships will be credited to the students account upon receipt of the check from the outside organization.

    To avoid any delays or problems, please be sure to complete all forms and submit all required paperwork to the Financial Aid Office by December 15. If you intend to use a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan or an alternative student loan (i.e. Sallie Mae Smart Loan, Wells Fargo, Citi Assist Loan) towards the payment of your semester charges, you must have the loan pre-approved and all loan applications completed prior to December 15. If your loan is pre-approved prior to December 15, it will appear on your statement as Pending Aid. However, if the loan is not pre-approved prior to December 15, you must pay the Amount Due on your billing statement to complete the registration process. Loan applications will not be accepted or processed during August registration and check-in.

    Credit Balance Refunds

    A request for refund for a credit balance can be made using the refund option of the Transfer/Refund Credit Balance option on the student WebAdvisor page. 

    Tuition Refund Policy

    If a student withdraws from the College during a semester, the student will be responsible for all nonrefundable amounts. When the student withdrawal results from a disciplinary action, the College makes no refund of any kind.

    Tuition refunds or credits will be allowed according to the following schedule: Before classes begin: 100%; during the first two weeks of classes: 75%; during the third week of classes: 50%; during the fourth week of classes: 25%. After the fourth week of classes there will be no refund.

    Fees are generally not refundable after the start date of the semester.

    Residence hall spaces are assigned for the full semester; therefore no refunds or credits for rooms are given for a student withdrawing after classes begin.

    Board refunds or credits will be determined on a pro-rated basis.

    Tuition Refund Insurance

    Tuition refund insurance coverage is available through A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. for withdraws due to injury or sickness. 

    All students will be billed $162/semester for academic year 2020/2021 coverage unless the student is receiving tuition waiver. Requests to OPT OUT coverage can be submitted to, please be sure to include the student’s name and college ID# in the email.


    Basic educational fees for 2021-2022

    Full-Time (12 credits or more) per semester

    Tuition $48,678
    Tuition (full-time returning Tier 1)** $45,888
    Tuition (for Incoming Students) $24,399
    Overload Credit Charge (per credit of 20) $1,500 
    Audit Fee (per course) $414
    Part Time (per course) $8,278
    Student Service Fee (returning students)


    Student Service Fee (new students) $840 
    Student Health Fee


    Recreation Fee $100
    Music Fee (per course)


    Lab Fee (per course)




    Orientation (Fall)


    Orientation (Spring)


    Campus Housing

    $6,556 - $8,962 

    Single Room Upcharge



    Meal Plans Per Year 

    Ultimate Plan






    250 Block


    220 Block


    180 Block


    150 Block


    75 Block*

    $916 per semester 

    100 Block*

    $1,055 per semester 

    750 Dining Dollar*

    $782 per semester 

    *available to off-campus students only 

    ** Fourth year student with approved eligibility for the expired Fixed for 4 program

    Other Academic Fees:

    Applied Music $360 (per course)
    Student Teaching  Actual Cost
    Scuba  $200
    Advanced Scuba $175
    Horseback Riding  $525
    Off-Campus Application Fee $200
    Off-Campus Group O Fee $450
    Orientation (Fall) $240
    Orientation (Spring) $174
    Graduation  $300
    Maintenance of Degree $310  
    Campus Housing 
    Traditional Single  $3,713
    Traditional Double  $3,182
    Renovated Single  $4,032
    Renovated Double  $3,501
    Suite Style Single  $4,350
    Suite Style Double  $3,819
    Apartment Style Single  $4,510
    Apartment Style Double $3,979
    Double Buy Out (available for Spring only) $1,000
    Other Charges
    Late Payment Fee (Undergraduate) $200
    Security Deposit (New Students) $300
    Health Insurance (Full Year) $1,482

    General Questions

    Please contact the Bursar's Office with general questions about your bill.

    Location: Ground floor Bunting Hall
    Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm M-F
    Phone: 410-778-7266 extension 8

    Specific Questions

    Questions about a specific line item should be directed to the office responsible for the fee or charge, as listed here:

    Housing Office, Student Affairs
    Casey Academic Center, 2nd floor 410-778-7752

    Financial Aid Office
    Casey Academic Center, 3rd floor 410-778-7214

    Parking and Vehicle Registration Office
    Wicomico, Public Safety Office 410-778-7810

    Admissions Office
    Casey Academic Center, 3rd floor 410-778-7700

    International Programs and Services Office
    508 Washington Ave. 410-778-7762

    Health Services Office
    Queen Anne Health Center 410-778-7261

    Office of the Registrar
    Bunting, Ground Floor 410-778-7299