Aileen Tsui

  • Nancy L. Underwood Associate Professor of Art History

Aileen Tsui

  • B.A., Yale University
  • M.A., Harvard University
  • Ph.D., Harvard University
Research Interests 
  • American, British, and French art of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries
  • Aestheticism and modernism
  • exoticism in/and visual culture, especially Japonisme
  • feminist theories and histories of the visual arts
  • relationships between image and text
  • color and its histories
Course Offerings
  • Introduction to the History of Western Art
  • Body, Nature and Nation in American Art
  • Photography’s First Century
  • Romanticism to Post-Impressionism
  • Modern Art
  • Art Since 1960
  • Early American Modernisms
  • Women Artists and Feminist Art History
  • Methods of Art History
  • Whistler and Transnational Modernism
  • Color in Art and Culture
Selected Publications