Alicia Kozma

Dr. Alicia Kozma

Chair and Assistant Professor
Communications and Media Studies

Prof. Kozma’s research focuses on critical/cultural media studies with an emphasis on film and television. Integrating a variety interdisciplinary methods including industrial, historical, critical, and textual analysis, alongside digital and traditional media and film theory, gender/sexuality, and labor studies, Prof. Kozma’s work synthesizes industry studies, theory, popular culture studies, and identity studies. 

Prof. Kozma engages intellectually with the production, distribution, exhibition, and consumption of media arts and culture, and is committed to research operating on a global scale using the common language of the visual and the popular as points of conjuncture across cultures and contexts. 

Focal projects include the intersection of gender and labor in the entertainment industries through a case study of pioneering director Stephanie Rothman, the role of gendered labor in the neo-art house industry, and an industrial-level investigation into the cultural and economic impact of digital cinema technologies on contemporary U.S. exhibition practices, their intersections with emerging media platforms, and the changes they foster across transnational distribution networks. 


Publications and Research 


  • First Year Seminar: Horror Films and Society
  • Introduction to Communication and Media Studies
  • Contemporary Popular Film and Television
  • Intermediate Communication and Media Theory
  • World Cinema I (1895-1949)
  • World Cinema II (1950-present)
  • French Film and Culture
  • Film Theory
  • Methods in Communication and Media Studies
  • Media and Power
  • Senior Seminar
  • Senior Capstone Experience