Flavio Rogerio Hickel Jr.

  • Assistant Professor of Political Science


Dr. Flavio Rogerio Hickel Jr. earned his Ph.D. in American Politics from Rutgers University in 2016.  His research and teaching interests are in American Political Institutions and Development, Identity Politics, and Public Opinion.  His current research explores the exclusionary and polarizing potential of national identity politics with a substantive focus on the Latinx community and Immigration policy.  Drawing upon Social Identity Theory, he seeks to better understand the conditions under which individuals prioritize one social identity over the other and the impact of such decisions on political attitudes and behavior.  His work has been published in Public Opinion Quarterly, Politics and Religion, Congress & the Presidency and other peer-reviewed journals.  



American Government and Politics (102:11)
Political Data Analysis (209:10)
Public Opinion and Identity Politics (394:11)


Hickel Jr., Flavio R and Andrew Murphy. "Making America Exceptional Again: Donald Trump's Civil Religious Base" Politics and Religion (2021) [Link]

Hickel Jr. Flavio R., Oskooii, Kassra, A.R., and Collingwood, Loren. “The Role of Identity Prioritization: Why Some Latinx Support Restrictionist Immigration Policies and Candidates” Public Opinion Quarterly (2021) [Link] 

Hickel Jr, Flavio, and Melissa Bredbenner. "Economic Vulnerability and Anti‐Immigrant Attitudes: Isolated Anomaly or Emerging Trend." Social Science Quarterly (2020). [Link]