Theater and Dance

The many 2017-2018 productions, including senior theses, annual showcases, and professor’s shows!


  • Pat Huff '19 and Nate Krimmel '18 as Federick Treves and John Merrick.
    Nate Krimmel’s senior Acting Thesis, written by Bernard Pomerance
  • Richie Torres '18 as Macedonio Guerra, finally being able to touch the THE belt.
    Megan Iacona’s Senior Directing Thesis, written by Kristoffer Diaz
  • Shreyas Suresh '18 and Samina Soin-Voshell '21 as King Dushyanta and Shakuntala, reunited.
    Sofia Sidhu’s Senior Directing Thesis, written by Kalidasa, translated by Arthur Ryder, and adapted by Sofia Sidhu
  • Mary Sprague '20 and Olivia Libowitz '18 as Callie and Sara, sharing a kiss.
    Mark Christie’s Senior Directing Thesis, written by Diana Son
  • Maggie Giblin '21, as Helen, smashes an egg over her brother Bartleby, played by Patrick Salerno '21.
    Written by Martin McDonagh and directed by Professor Dale Daigle
  • The cast poses wildly for the camera
    The Vagina Monologues was performed by Washington College students on three different dates--February 9th, 10th, and the 14th--on behalf of the Office of Intercultural Affairs.
  • Hannah Sauer '20, as Glory, watches the night sky.
    Abbey Wark’s Senior Directing Thesis, written by John Cariani
  • Performers dancing during “Vigil.”
    Annual student dance showcase
  • Olivia Libowitz '18, as Moritz, about to commit suicide.
    Rosie Alger’s Senior Directing Thesis, written by Franz Wedekind, translated by Jonathan Franzen
  • Simon Belcher '18, as Karl Lindner, faces off with Kash Akinsade '21 and Dayla Williams '21, as Walter Lee Younger and his...
    Connor Lugo-Harris’s Senior Directing Thesis, written by Lorraine Hansberry
  • Dominic Ryan C. Vince Cruz '21 as DHH, on the phone.
    Emily Cao’s Senior Directing Thesis, written by David Henry Hwang
  • Rachel Treglia '19, as Barbara Undershaft, mourns her loss of faith in the Salvation Army.
    Written by George Bernard Shaw and directed by Professor Brendon Fox