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Telephone FAQ

  • Who do I contact for telephone related issues?

    Contact the HelpDesk at 410-778-7777. and they will direct your call to the proper office for action.

  • What if my phone doesn’t work?

    Make sure you have your phone plugged into the beige jack and that (in the case of a cordless) your phone is charged. If this does not work, try plugging in a phone that you know works. If the other phone works, you have a bad phone or cord. If it still does not work, contact the HelpDesk at 410-778-7777.


  • Can I receive calls via the College’s 800 number?

    No, that number is only for College Administration use.


  • Do I need to bring an answering machine?

    If you wish to receive voice messages you will need an answering machine. The College does not provide voicemail services.


  • Can I bring a cordless phone?

    Yes. However, be aware that since cordless phones work via radio waves, there may be interference (i.e., static) due to the close proximity of the rooms. The telephone should be fully charged to manufacturer’s recommendations prior to use.


  • Can I receive collect calls?

    No. Since you may be sharing your line with a roommate, you can not receive collect calls. However, you can place collect calls by dialing 9 + 0 and then informing the operator that you are making a collect call.


  • Can I use a calling card?

    Yes, as long as it can be accessed with a toll-free number. Simply dial 9+ the number to call a toll-free number.


  • Can I change my local and long distance provider?

    No. The College local service is provided by Verizon, and the long-distance service is provided by AT&T. Students not wishing to use these providers can purchase calling cards from local retailers to use instead.


  • How do I get my telephone number information?

    The telephone number for your room is with your room assignment information given to you by our Student Affairs office. It will also be included in your arrival package.

  • How do I get my telephone Authorization Code?

    Your Authorization Code will be issued along with room and mailbox keys when you arrive. Information on how to use the code will also be provided at that time. If you do not receive your WC Calling Card (Authorization Code), please stop by the WC Switchboard Office in William Smith Hall, Room 13. Please bring your student ID to receive your card.

  • How much is telephone service to my room?

    There is no charge for telephone service. Students are only charged for making calls using the WC Calling Card.

  • If I have a roommate will we each have our own phone number?

    Each room has one telephone number that is shared by all persons in the room. Since each student has a Calling Card, out-bound calls are billed to the individual, rather than to the room.

  • How do I get telephone service in my room?

    Telephone jacks in the residence halls are already active. Remember to plug your phone into the beige jack.

  • Can you tell me a little about the telephone system?

    Telephone service that allows access to all on-campus four-digit extensions, toll-free numbers, and 911 is provided at no cost. Features such as call waiting, call transfer, and three-way calling are also available at no cost. An Authorization Code (WC Calling Card) will be provided for each student. This allows a student to make all local and long-distance calls. In addition, the student will receive an individual billing statement each month; this bill is the responsibility of the student. Since each student has a unique Authorization Code, roommates that share a phone will still be billed individually. Students must provide their own phone (one per room). WC requires touch-tone phones, which can be found at places like Kmart, Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, or similar retailers.