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Network Access Control FAQ

Does the new NAC system mean that OIT can monitor what I do on the Internet or read my email?

No. The NAC system does not include monitoring except for who is logged on, and from which computer.

If I leave my computer for a while, it is not logged on when I return. Any suggestions?

Most importantly, don’t allow your computer to go to “sleep.” If it goes to sleep, it may lose the network connection. You will need to log in again. Also, all computers are logged out during the night. Student computers are logged out at 5:00 AM and Faculty-Staff computers are logged out at 3:00 AM.

Why does my browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, etc) complain about a certificate when I try to log in?

This is an issue with the security certificate that came with the NAC system. OIT has ordered a new certificate to correct the problem. When that certificate arrives and is installed, you will only have to allow it to install on your computer one time. Meanwhile, it is safe to accept the certificate from the NAC system that uses the IP address

Why can I not get to the NAC log in page? Or why am I constantly re-directed to the log in page?

Many times that is because your browser program is set to cache web pages or because the browser “cookie” file is corrupted. If you delete the cookies stored by your browser, you may be able to log in. If not, then you may need to call the HelpDesk for assistance.

My browser does not want to find the log in page. What can I do?

Try manually entering the URL into your browser. If it still does not find the page, the please call the HelpDesk for assistance.

Do other schools use a network access control system?

Yes. Please contact the HelpDesk at 410-778-7777 for a list of all schools using NAC.