Office of Information Technologies


If you are a Student, Faculty, or Staff member, and would like to have a list created for an official campus club or organization, please submit a HelpDesk ticket. Included in the ticket should be a justification for the list. Your ticket will be assigned to an administrator. 

All campus clubs and organizations may set up a membership list for their communications. A list administrator for each club will maintain a secure list of users and screen any junk mail.

For those who want to receive communications of general campus interest, we have created lists providing a marketplace for items for sale and a lost and found board. Anyone on campus can post to these lists.

Types of Lists and Posters
Type of List
Who Can Post to the List
Who Maintains the List

Official list

1. Faculty
2. Staff
3. Student class list
- First year
- Sophomores
- Juniors
- Seniors

Institutional Communications

Members of the list can not remove themselves from the list


Senior Staff

Designated staff in specific departments

Class presidents to their respective classes


Clubs/Organizations and Departments (e.g. sports teams, honor societies, clubs, Frats, bookstore, etc.)

Club/Organization specific communication members of the list are able to remove themselves

Whoever the Club or Organization wants to allow to post. OIT will collaborate to customize the list. 

The list administrators (owner/owners) are the group’s elected officials or their designees.

Campus communication list on a specific topic (e.g. Marketplace, Lost and Found, Cove, etc.)

Communication that may be of interest to the campus community. Members join the list if they want to receive the postings

People can also go look at the posts on the list archives if they do not want to receive the posts in their e-mail

Members of the list are able to remove themselves

Open to everyone on campus for posts that match the list’s purpose

OIT or Department designee

Group list on any subject (e.g. Cooking, Outer Space, Sailing, etc.)

Help a group of people who are interested in a subject communicate without being in a Club or Organization

Members join the list if they want to receive the posting

Members of the list are able to remove themselves

Whoever requests the list will decide how they want it to be set up and who can post to the list

Person who requests the list


Institutional Communications

Alumni News

Members of the list can unsubscribe via Alumni Online Community

Alumni Relations

College Relations

College Advancement

College Advancement/Alumni Relations