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Office of Information Technologies


To better serve a large quantity of requests, please submit a Help Desk ticket at the attention of OIT Office Manager. 

Cellular Phone

1) Whose responsibility is it to support technical issues for the WC cellular phones?  The end user is responsible for contacting Verizon. Verizon provides technical support for the phones.

2) Who do I contact when my phone is not working properly?  For 24/7 immediate assistance, dial 1-800-922-0204, enter your phone number when prompted, select 0 to bypass the automated system to speak with a representative.

Sean Christenson is our dedicated representative.

Phone Number: 410-726-3353

3) How do I get a different phone than what is offered with the basic WC plan? Your budget manager will need to justify the need to purchase a different device.

4) Who handles the billing and the ordering of devices for the cellular program? The office manager for OIT

5) Who do I contact about billing and budget questions? The budget manager can answer budget related questions. Amount billed against the cellular budget code can be answered by the OIT office manager or the Business Office.

6) As an employee of Washington College and I eligible for a discount on a personal plan? Yes, follow these instructions: Verizon Wireless offers an 18% discount to WAC employees for their *personal* wireless plans.  Also really easy to sign up for at  You just enter your email address, and then click a link sent to your email.

*for troubleshooting tips, please visit the Cellular Program homepage.

Exit From OIT

1) How do I transfer my college cell phone number to a personal cell phone contract? Create a Help Desk ticket to contact the Office Manager of the OIT department and complete an Assumption of Liability form.  Prior to the transfer you will need a new device without a phone number to accept the existing phone number.

2) How do I transfer my cell phone number to my new place of employment? Ask your new employer for a form that allows Agency to Agency transfer.

2) How do I schedule an appointment for my exit with OIT?Create a Help Desk ticket to schedule an appointment.

3) Who do I contact to schedule my appointment to exit with OIT? Create a Help Desk ticket to contact the Office Manager of the OIT department. 

How do I check out a MiFi?

1) How do I check out a MiFi? Email the Office Manager for OIT, asap. The MiFi’s are first come first serve. If there is one available it will be assigned to you at this time.

2) How does billing work? If you have the MiFi for less than 14 days, the billing stays with Telecomm

3) Do I need approval? Only if the service period extends the 14 days or if we need to order a new MiFi and activate a new service plan. 

How do I place an order for technology equipment?

1) How do I place an order for a new computer, tablet, printer or any other technology device? Enter a Help Desk ticket

2) What kind of necessary information do I need to place orders?

  • budget code
  • object code  
  • budget manager approval is mandatory to process all technology orders. 

3) What if I do not have approval? An order can not be placed without approval from your budget manager

*For capital purchases additional approval from the budget office is necessary and can delay the ordering process