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Writing Center

Student Resources


Practical Advice on the Writing Process (writing a thesis, organizing, developing ideas)


Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab: offers excellent, up to date resources on a range of writing concerns, from research and citation to sentence style and writing in specific disciplines. 

The University of Richmond’s Writer’s Web: provides an easy to use guide to the entire writing process with advice on getting started, focusing your ideas, documenting sources, and editing for style, clarity, and grammar.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Handouts and Resources: offers individual handouts on all stages of the writing process and on different kinds of writing. 


Grammar and Mechanics


Purdue University Online Writing Lab’s General Writing Resources: This section offers easy to understand explanations of grammatical concepts and practice exercises.

Capital Community College’s Guide to Grammar and Writing:
allows you to search a database of interactive explanations and exercises for common grammatical and structural problems.

Grammar NOW!: a free site where you can submit questions about grammar or look up specific explanations or examples.


Documentation and Research


Modern Language Association: the official site for MLA style and documentation. At the home page, look for the “MLA Style” link to go to a page of frequently asked questions about formatting and documenting sources.

American Psychological Association Online: the official site for APA style and documentation that offers the latest information on citing electronic sources.

Chicago Manual of Style (most known for footnoting): offers a list of frequently asked questions, and under the “Tools” link, has examples that show how to document most sources.

Bedford/St. Martin’s Guide to Research and Documentation Online: gives advice on documenting those tricky Internet sources. It covers MLA, APA, Chicago (footnoting), and CBE styles of documentation.

Purdue University’s Research and Citations: offers a general guide to writing research papers, with advice for doing research on the internet, evaluating sources, paraphrasing, and writing an annotated bibliography — in MLA, APA, or Chicago Documentation Styles.


Writing In the Disciplines


The Writing Center, Inc: a guide to business and technical writing (writing proposals, professional email, etc.)

The University of North Carolina’s Writing Center: explains the characteristics of scientific writing and includes some practical advice on style, use of objective language, and logic:

Dartmouth College: offers some advice on writing in the sciences for non-majors.