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Writing Center

SCE Resources

The Writing Center can help you meet the challenges of your Senior Capstone Experience project!

Attend our SCE Boot Camp

Each fall and spring semester, the Writing Center hosts an SCE Boot Camp. For this event, we’ll provide you with the space and the encouragement to spend a full day working on your SCE project, from 10:00am to 5:00pm. You’ll have a quiet place to work and the camaraderie of other SCE writers.

Representatives from the Writing Center, Miller Library, and the Office of Academic Skills will also be on hand for individual consultations and group workshops. We’ll even provide lunch!

We’ll have more information here soon about our upcoming 2016-2017 Boot Camp events.  


Make a weekly appointment with one of our peer consultants

You can meet on a regular basis with one of our peer consultants throughout the time you’re working on your SCE project. To make appointments, just visit the Writing Center’s home page and click on the “Log In” link to view our schedule. 

To see just how helpful a meeting at the Writing Center can be, check out these testimonials from some of our peer consultants and SCE writers:

Trina Nusraty and Zee Abu 

Over the semester Zee and I met regularly to work on her Political Science senior thesis. In the beginning, we sat down and made a list of all the work that needed to be done and then created a manageable schedule that worked for both of us. We started off working on the Literature Review and then went on to work through each section of her thesis. Over the weeks we worked together, we read through every page and worked on a variety of things such as organization, sentence structure, clarity, grammar, and content.

Working with Zee on her thesis was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as a peer consultant. We were able to have a great collaboration, and I am so glad I was able to be a part of her writing process! As a Business Management and Economics major, it was really interesting working on a Political Science thesis and along with the great experience I learned a lot about politics and elections.

I would advise seniors who are interested in working on their thesis to come to the Writing Center, find a tutor they work well with, and meet with them regularly. As a peer consultant, it was very helpful to start working with Zee at the beginning of her revision process. This allowed us adequate time to plan the work that needed to be done over multiple sessions before her deadline. As the deadline approached, Zee and I met more frequently, but because we started planning and collaborating early we were not crammed for time. The Writing Center is a great resource for a senior at any point in the writing process of their thesis; however, based on my work with Zee, I would highly recommend forging a connection with a peer consultant early and meeting on a regular basis.

—Trina Nusraty ’15

I have used the writing center quite often over the past four years. I decided to go to the writing center in the beginning because I was struggling with actually getting started on my thesis and I was really overwhelmed. I went in thinking I would only use the center for the beginning part of my thesis. After meeting with Trina a couple of times, we came up with a game plan for the rest of the semester. It was really helpful working with the same person throughout the semester; I didn’t have to constantly explain what I was working on. Trina helped me make an outline of things I wanted to work on and we took it from there.  We divided our time between organization, research, and the literature review. It was really helpful having another pair of eyes look at my thesis, especially one that wasn’t a political science major.

As the deadline of my thesis approached, Trina and I met more frequently. It saved time because we knew exactly what we were working on. It also kept me more motivated because I knew in order to have a productive session, I had to actually work on my thesis in advance. Overall, the writing center was a tremendous help and I would highly recommend it for seniors who are working on their thesis. Find a peer tutor that you work well with and make a game plan for the semester.

—Zulekha (Zee) Abu ’14 


Grace Arenas and Rebecca Fenzel

Rebecca and I worked for the last couple of months of the semester on her senior thesis in business.  Initially, she wanted help with more “surface level” issues, such as grammar and general polishing. As we went on, however, and spent more and more time with that one text, we also found different sorts of mini projects to take on, like making certain sections more creative and personalized, as Rebecca wanted to eventually use her thesis as an actual business proposal. Having that real world application in mind helped keep us both focused and mindful of the potential of the text.

A lot of what contributed to our success was Rebecca’s own initiative and organization. She always came to sessions with a game plan in mind; she color coded her thesis so that we knew what parts we’d be working on that day, as well as what parts we’d already gone over. The fact that she came in from the first session so prepared and engaged in the process was extremely helpful for me, obviously not a business major, in understanding exactly what she needed from my side of things. We ended up having a really great working dynamic, and Rebecca even came to me later on with assignments for other classes to work on as well.

I learned a lot in my sessions with Rebecca, mainly about how to adapt my own approach as a tutor to a writing style fairly different from my own. Rebecca would often talk about how she sometimes worked “backwards” or had all of the necessary ideas in her head, but not in order on the page the way she wanted. I learned after the first few sessions how to help her deconstruct a paragraph or page and reshape it to fit exactly what she’d meant to say all along, sometimes even using my (not so) amazing artistic skills to draw a diagram that would give her a visual map to rely on, which seemed to work well.

I’d advise any senior working on their thesis to come to the Writing Center, if for nothing else than an extra set of eyes. Many of the tutors in the WC are working on their theses as well; we can commiserate! Even if you don’t have a specific goal in mind like Rebecca, having someone other than yourself or your roommate for the tenth time reading through a chapter can be helpful—you’ll hear things happening you didn’t realize were happening, see how your work is received by an audience, and learn new approaches when you’re feeling stuck. I know Rebecca felt very confident in the final product of our work in the Writing Center, and with good reason! All seniors working on a thesis are aiming for that same feeling, and working one on one with a Writing Center tutor can definitely help them get there.

 —Grace Arenas ’14