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Writing Center

More Student Responses to Writing Center Theory and Pedagogy

Below are some responses we've received on course evaluations:

"My own writing has become so much clearer after this class. We talked about teaching others, but I think we are really reinforcing our own knowledge and experience."

"I learned very practical, useful things, particularly how to talk effectively and tactfully with people about their writing and about anything really. I developed inter-personal skills that I will certainly put to good use for the next few years, if not for the rest of my life"

"We worked as a team ... so I got the impression we were all learning together. It was really a wonderful experience!"

"I loved the interactive style. We could ask questions and discuss everything we were wondering about."

"I got the best feedback on papers that I've ever gotten. I know that I have improved as a writer because of this class."

"Great class—it changed the way I write, it changed the way I read."