Tips on Alcohol Safety

  • Tip 9

    More Water, More Fun

    Hydrate well. And often. 

    Not only will this help you consume less alcohol, you’ll also thank yourself the next day.

    Party smarter, not harder: 

    • Make sure you and your friends.
    • Eat before or during your night out.

  • Tip 4

    No one wins the pre-game.

    Drink responsibly. 

    Partying hard before going out can increase your chances of blacking out or alcohol poisoning.

    Washington College has a medical amnesty policy. 

    Call 911 if you suspect alcohol poisoning. Turn the person on their side and stay with them until help arrives.

  • Tip 7

    Check in with Each Other

    Use the “Buddy System” where at least one friend stays sober. Watch each other’s backs: 

    • If a friend’s had too much to drink, make sure they’re OK. 
    • If they need help, make sure they get it. 

  • Tip 12

    Ride Safe in Style and Comfort

    Don’t drink and drive.

    Get back to campus with Safe Ride.

    Call 410-810-RIDE
    10:30pm - 2:30am, Thursday through Saturday





Sexual Assault Awareness

  • Tip 14

    Your Exam Didn’t Rape You.

    Joking about sexual assault trivializes it.

    When friends joke about rape, tell them to stop.

  • Tip 11

    Her Dress is Not a Yes

    If someone tells you she’s asking for it, remind them:

    Clothing isn’t consent.

    Flirting isn’t consent.

    Having too much to drink isn’t consent.

    “Yes” is consent.

  • Tip 17

    Be a Better Wingman

    Friends don’t let friends hook up
    with people too drunk to consent.

    If you see someone in a bad situation, don’t be afraid to step in.

  • Tip 20

    No Blurred Lines

    You don’t know what they want unless you ask.

    Spread the word: “Yes” is required!

  • Tip 2

    Look Over There!

    Distraction is a great way to step in without being confrontational.

    “Oh, you’ve met my sister/cousin/friend!”
    “Hey, you have (class) with me, right?”
    “Weren’t you in my peer mentor group?”

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