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Academy of Lifelong Learning

Tuition and Fees


You may be a Member for a semester or a year.  As a member of WC-ALL you may register for as many classes as you wish, and receive discounted Member rates at luncheons and special events, all for one fee:

Individual per semester        $ 95.00

Couple* per semester          $135.00

Individual, annual                 $130.00

Couple, annual                     $195.00

*a Couple is defined as two residents of the same household/address.

There may be semesters where you are traveling or for some other reason not taking any classes.  You may retain an “inactive” status in WC-ALL by becoming a “Friend” for just $30 a year.  While this doesn’t allow you to take any classes, you’ll continue to receive a print catalog, notices of special events, and discounts for lunches and day trips until you’re ready to renew your full and active membership.