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The Washington College Academy of Lifelong Learning (WC-ALL) was formed in 1992 by a group of interested residents of the Chestertown area with the active encouragement of the College administration. It is designed to provide non-credit courses for continuing education and to act as an interface between the College and the Community. WC-ALL is currently a member of the reconstituted Roads Scholar Lifelong Learning Institute, a national network of lifelong learning programs.

Washington College recognizes WC-ALL as a non-credit educational program consistent with its own educational objectives and provides WC-ALL with office and classroom space. The Academy is a department of the College, however, it is supported by its own membership fees and contributions, and has its own governance. It operates within the general policy rules observed by the College, and its status is determined by the College’s status as a non-profit educational institution.

WC-ALL is governed by a Council of directors elected by the membership, with directors serving for a three-year term, for a maximum of two consecutive terms. A senior staff member in the College Administration is also a member of the Council. The election of Council members occurs at WC-ALL’s annual meeting in May. 

All who participate in the activities of the Academy are volunteers. Instructors receive an honorarium for their services. Funds in excess of the support needs of WC-ALL activities are earmarked for scholarships for Washington College students.

October 2018 Council meeting 

October Council meeting 

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