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Learn at Lunch

Over the years we have featured talks by writers, historians, educators, environmentalists, politicians and artists. If someone is doing something of interest around the Chesapeake Bay, the chances are that he or she will give a Learn at Lunch lecture.

These informative lectures combine three ingredients. First, a serious and often provocative lecture by someone who knows the subject. Second, an excellent lunch currently provided by Washington College Dining Services in the pleasant atmosphere of the Hynson Lounge on the college campus. And finally, a varied and attentive audience from the surrounding Community, where one meets many people one knows, and new people one would like to know better.

12:00 p.m. at Hynson Lounge, Hodson Hall

Wednesday, January 15
    “Fire! : How a series of fires in the 20th century transformed Cross Street and the 300 block of High Street” with Dr. Bayly Janson-LaPalme

Wednesday, February 12
    “A Year on the Water” with artist Marc Castelli

Wednesday, March 19
   “The World of Lacrosse” with Susannah Chase

Wednesday, April 9
   “National Music Festival” with Richard Rosenberg

Parking: Shuttles will run from the former Board of Education building at 215 Washington Avenue for all Learn-At-Lunch Lectures.

The seven luncheons during the academic year begin at 12:00 noon. They are well-publicized and well attended. The cost is $15.00 for WC-ALL members, $20.00 for non-members. We accept paid reservations only; no telephone reservations accepted. Hynson Lounge in the Hodson Hall Commons is handicapped-accessible.

Parking for Learn at Lunch is allowed only in the parking lot east of Kirby Stadium.

For Further Information Contact

Sue Calloway  410-778-7221, wc_all@washcoll.edu