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Academy of Lifelong Learning

How to Enroll

WC-ALL offers two six-week sessions per semester in a Fall and a Spring Semester.  Most classes meet on campus weekly at 4:15 p.m. (there are some exceptions) and all sites have elevator and handicapped access.

You may join WC-ALL at any time, but most members enroll at the start of the year (August) or beginning of a semester (August or January).  Please refer to Membership for further information.

Each semester’s classes are announced in the local newspaper, and the catalog is published on our website.

Most potential students attend the Showcase held at the start of each semester to allow them to meet instructors, learn more about each course, and register.  However you need not attend Showcase to join WC-ALL or register for classes.  Click here for Showcase.

REGISTRATION FOR SPRING 2016 has closed. Please contact the office with any questions.