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Academy of Lifelong Learning


You may be a Member for a semester or a year.  As a member of WC-ALL you may register for as many classes as you wish, and receive discounted Member rates at luncheons and special events, all for one fee:

  • Individual per semester        $ 95.00
  • Couple* per semester          $135.00
  • Individual, annual                 $130.00
  • Couple, annual                     $195.00
  • Friend of WC-ALL Annual    $30.00
  • Students, staff and faculty of Washington College - No fee

*a Couple is defined as two residents of the same household/address.

There may be semesters where you are traveling or for some other reason not taking any classes.  You may retain an “inactive” status in WC-ALL by becoming a “Friend” for just $30 a year.  While this doesn’t allow you to take any classes, you’ll continue to receive a print catalog, notices of special events, and discounts for lunches and day trips until you’re ready to renew your full and active membership.


  • May attend any or all of the courses offered by the Academy,
  • May attend Learn at Lunch events at a reduced cost,
  • Have the opportunity to attend planned trips for a reduced cost, 
  • May attend the Annual Meeting (May) and the Annual Holiday Event (December) at a discounted rate, and
  • Have the opportunity to offer a course in your area of expertise


Academy membership is open to anyone with intellectual curiosity and a willingness to engage in the pursuit of knowledge. You may bring with you ideas for topics which you would like to study or teach (If you wish to explore ideas for a course, contact Sue Calloway, our Administrator,  who will put you in touch with a member of the curriculum committee); you may become a discussion leader; you are encouraged to take part in the work of committees from curriculum-building, to publicizing events, to planning and carrying out group activities.

Annual Membership begins in the fall of each year and includes registration for courses in any of our four, usually six-week, sessions:

  • Early Fall
  • Late Fall
  • Early Spring
  • Late Spring

To become a member, contact the Administrator.

Tuition assistance in the form of an “ALLship” may be available on a case by case basis. Send a written request to the WC-ALL office to apply.