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The Weekend Shuttle

Interested in getting off campus for a bit?  The Washington College Weekend Shuttle can get you there!

Choose any of the dropdown menus below to get started!

  • How It Works

    The weekend shuttle runs every weekend during the semester, with slight alterations on the weekends before and after college breaks.  See the schedule to the left for the typical timeline.

     Each shuttle trip starts and ends at the Casey Academic Center, and stops at the Annapolis Mall and New Carrollton Metro Station.  From New Carrollton, students can take the Metro transit system into Washington, D.C., and can access the Amtrak train system.  Stops at Baltimore Washington International Airport are added on weekends before and after college breaks.  See the Vacation Break Schedule for more information.

    Students must make advance reservations, however, using WebAdvisor to reserve a seat. If you are unable to obtain a seat on the shuttle, please email Sarah Crump at scrump2@washcoll.edu, and you will be added to a waiting list. Reservations must be made before 2 p.m. on the Thursday before a Friday shuttle trip or before 2 p.m. Friday for a Saturday or Sunday shuttle trip. The shuttle does not run over summer vacation.

  • FAQ

    Does the shuttle cost anything?
    The weekend shuttle is a free service offered by the college.

    How do I make/cancel a shuttle reservation?
    Please see the dropdown menus for a walkthrough on making and cancelling a shuttle reservation.

    Where does the shuttle pick me up/drop me off?

    The Shuttle will pick up in the following locations:

    Casey Academic Center - parking circle facing the road

    Annapolis Mall - outside of California Pizza Kitchen

    New Carrollton Metro - Kiss & Ride, Rt. 50 side (John Hanson Hwy)

    BWI Airport (Vacation/Break Shuttle Only) - outside Southwest departure area (not available on regular weekend shuttle trips)

    What time should I arrive to meet the shuttle?
    As with any other kind of reservation, it’s best to arrive at least 15 minutes early.

    Does the shuttle run year round?
    The weekend shuttle only runs from the first weekend of the fall semester to the last weekend before winter break, and from the first weekend of the spring weekend to the last weekend before summer break. The shuttle does not run on commencement weekend.

    Help, my train/flight is arriving late!
    If you are going to be delayed, please call the shuttle driver at 443-282-6507. The shuttle is often able to wait for a reasonable amount of time. If the shuttle is on the road, the driver will not answer. Leave a voicemail, and the driver will get back to you as soon as the bus is parked.

    I tried to make a reservation, but the shuttle is full. What can I do?
    If the shuttle is full on WebAdvisor, you have several options. You can meet the shuttle at the Casey Academic Center. If someone with a reservation doesn’t show up, the empty seats will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are unable to get a seat this way, there are several local transportation options listed on the Transportation page.

    Does the shuttle run in inclement weather?
    The shuttle will not run when conditions are considered unsafe for driving. If the college is closed for weather, the shuttle will not run. If you are unsure, call Public Safety(410-778-7810).

    Is there anything I should know?
    A few tips:

    • Program the shuttle number(443-282-6507) into your phone.
    • Sarah the Transportation Secretary is only in the office to answer phone calls from 10am to 2pm on most days. However, she checks emails at all hours.
    • SafeRide and the Sho’men shuttle are operated by Public Safety, and the transportation office is, for the most part, unable to answer most of the questions about them.
    • Travel light! The shuttle is able to accommodate reasonable amounts of baggage, but please be considerate of your fellow shuttle riders.
    • If you leave anything on the shuttle, it will be held at the transportation office for a short time before being taken to Public Safety. If you lose a phone/computer/mp3 player/similar expensive electrical device, you will be asked to identify it before picking it up.




  • Making a Shuttle Reservation

    First, log in to your WebAdvisor.

    Next, under the “Miscellaneous” section, select “Shuttle Reservations”.
    At the bottom, select “Make a new reservation”.

    Choose the month of your reservation. We’ll use March.

    Choose “Departure” or “Return”. Departures are shuttles leaving the campus, and returns are shuttles coming back to campus. We’ll use departure.

    Select the date for your departure/return. Note that the start time is always the time the shuttle leaves the campus. Shuttles only leave campus at 9am and 4pm. We’ll use March 29th.

    Choose your pick-up location and drop-off destination. Regular shuttles only stop and pick up at the Casey Academic Center, the Annapolis Mall, and the New Carrollton Metro Station. Stops at BWI airport are added for vacation shuttles.

    After choosing your pick-up and drop-off points, hit “Submit”. Your reservation should now be listed on the same page as your option to make a new reservation.

    If you have any concerns, please call Sarah Crump at 410-778-7838, or email her at scrump2@washcoll.edu.

  • Cancelling a Shuttle Reservation
    To cancel a shuttle reservation, first log in to your WebAdvisor.
    Next, under the “Miscellaneous” section, select “Shuttle Reservations”.

    At the bottom, you will see a list of your reservations. Click the box next to the reservation you want to cancel. We’ll cancel for March 29th.

    You’ll see a box titled “Click here to cancel”. Check the box, then hit “Submit”.

    WebAdvisor will then return you to the page listing your reservations. If you are unsure if your cancellation went through, or if you have any trouble cancelling, email Sarah Crump at scrump2@washcoll.edu



In case of emergency after hours, please call Public Safety at 410-778-7810.